DIY Milk Jar Wall Decor

YOU GUYS!!! I can’t get over how excited I am to share this project with you! Projects like this get me so pumped up about crafting and creating. It’s amazing how some basic items can come together and just look so…..well, perfect! Can you tell I’m excited? Like a kid meeting all the Disney Princesses on her birthday in her special birthday dress excited. Wow.

I love pictures, love printables, but sometimes I just need something more. Sorry pics, it’s not you – it’s me.

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook then you saw me post a sneak peek of the start of this project. Bet you couldn’t wait for the finale! This project was a two-step process, only for the reason that I wanted my board to be a bit more distressed looking than it already was. If you have a board that looks good, you can skip the first step!

FlowerwallHere’s what I used to distress my board:

  • Minwax stain in Ebony and Provencial
  • Craft Paint in Martha Stewart’s White Linen
  • Steel Wool


I stained the board with the Ebony stain and wiped it off almost right away. My board was pretty dry and porous so it sucked it right up! Once that dried, I took the White Linen craft paint and dry brushed it over the stained board. You can choose to go all the way to the edges or just stay more centered depending on what look you are after.


Once the dry brushing is dried, take your steel wool and use it like you are sanding your board. It is going to scrape off the paint and stain, so only do it in the area’s that you want. I went over the whole board a couple of times. You’ll want to wipe down your board once you’re finished, this part leaves quite the mess.


This next step is your own call. I wanted to add some warmth so I used Minwax’s Provencial and brushed it in different places on my board. I let it sit for a few minutes before wiping the whole thing down with a rag, taking off the excess stain and blending everything in together. Don’t forget to let it dry before you go any further! While you’re waiting for your board to dry pre drill holes into your clamps to allow the screw to go through without error. In order to hang it up I used triangle frame hooks spaced 2″ from either end and 1.5″ from the top, secured on the unstained side of the board. Flip your board back around so your stained side is facing you and space out where you want your clamps to be. I spaced mine 4″ apart and 3″ from either side of the board. Align your clamps with the marks on your board and secure with screws. I had to open my clamps up to screw them down so that they wouldn’t bend. Once they were in I closed them up with just enough room to allow my bottle through.


Place your bottles into the clamps and then tighten just enough to keep them in place.


Once your jars are secured then comes the fun, deciding what to put in them! I used a bundle of flowers that I already had on hand and divided them up into each jar. I love the pop of color it brings to the wall.

flowerwall5flowerwall01 flowerwall6flowerwall02flowerwall7

The best thing about this project is how versatile it can be. The flowers can be substituted for anything for any season, thus another reason that this will now be dubbed “Most Fave Project so Far”!





  • Hannah @ Hometalk
    May 01

    Oh my goodness I LOVE this! SO need one in my apartment! šŸ™‚

    • Chandra
      Hannah @ Hometalk
      May 01

      Thanks Hannah! It’s definitely one of my favourite projects so far!

  • tracy
    May 06

    I love it!!!!! where did you get the bottles?

    • Chandra
      May 09

      Thanks Tracy! I found these bottles at Target, but I’ve been told you can get them at Michael’s too!

    • Nancy
      Dec 08

      You can buy Starbucks frappes anywhere, enjoy the drink and then use there bottle for the project.

      • Kats
        Sep 28

        Iā€™m looking forward to making this fun project !
        Where to get the bottles is very helpful, thank you. I will try the frappe bottles ?ā€ā¤ļøā€?ā€?.I loved that idea !!!

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