Mapping a Desk

Last weekend I found this awesome dresser at a garale sale (shocker, I know). So for $20 I loaded this and a small sized rolley chair into the back of the vehicle & brought that less then beautiful item home. Tuck likes to craft and color, and this desk is the perfect size for a kid! It just needed a bit of paint & love. 

DeskI had some leftover Annie Sloane Chalk Paint from a chair project I had done last year and figured it would be the perfect color to offset the more muted tones in the basement. The color is Provence and my favorite of Annie Sloane’s Chalk Paint line. With chalk paint you don’t have to do any prep to the item you are going to paint, but I opted to give the whole desk a light sanding just to be on the safe side. I ended up doing 3 coats of paint on the exterior and drawer fronts. Once the paint was dried I gave it a light sand and then 2 coats of Verithane to finish it off.

desk2 desk1I spray painted the handles in a Matte Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. After a lot of staring at the drawers and thinking that the whole thing looked a little blah I got all crazy and decided to Mod Podge maps to the drawer fronts. Cray cray, I know.

It is definitely not a process you want to rush through so give yourself some time if you’re tackling a project. Using a sponge brush I applied the mod podge to the drawer front fairly thickly. Place the map on top and using a clean edged putty knife (or something similar) drag it along the map to smooth  it out & get rid of any air bubbles. Once you’ve smoothed it out, take a block sander (I used an 80 grit) and gently sand the edges of the drawer. This will take the excess map off the edge and leave a nice and even edge.

desk4 desk5I applied 2 coats of mod podge on top of the map and then once dried 2 coats of Verithane. Make sure that when you are doing this you do the edges aswell to really seal the map down. Once everything was dried I put the handles back in place and the drawers were ready for the desk!

desk6DSC_0174desk11desk67Not to point out the obvious, but when you are applying your map, make sure it’s the right side up….let me know if you figure out how I know this! The best part of the whole project though was seeing Tucker’s excitement once it was done and ready to be used! Let the crafting begin! 


  • Erin Thomas
    May 01

    Chan!! That looks AMAZING!! I bet he was excited – I would be too!

    • Chandra
      Erin Thomas
      May 01

      He was pumped Erin! I was going to post a pic, but the only one I had was of him colouring in his undies, lol. He’s a nudist crafter hahaha!

  • Susan
    May 02

    Love it! Where did you get the Dr. Seuss prints?

    • Chandra
      May 02

      Thanks Susan! I found the printables at balancing home.com, aren’t they awesome!

  • Liz
    May 03

    Love it! Perhaps if the bottom drawer was Australia you could easily get away with it upside down as a play on down under!!

    • Chandra
      May 03

      If only! Then I could’ve completely passed it off as intentional!

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