Getting STALL-ing Organised

Last week was the craziest week I’ve had in a while. Thursday Carter and I made the 4 hour drive to Edmonton to watch Team Canada play in the World Cup. Holy WOW. Watching Christine Sinclair in action was pretty amazing, that woman is like a bullet on the field! Although Canada is known for its love of hockey, our Canadian woman’s soccer team is definitely one to watch for. On to Round 2!

I was also able to make a long overdue date with IKEA prior to the game, I was so needing some IKEA organisation in my life! My main goal was to find something that would help with this real life mess:


This actually looks not too bad compared to what it has been. I manged to snap this pic at the tail end of the laundry mountain! Typically this is how it looks, a small wooden shelf to hold way too many pairs of shoes and things thrown everywhere because that seems to be the way my kids are wired. his is the entrance we use the most in the house as it is a direct entry from our garage. It’s a super high traffic area as you need to pass though to access the basement & it also doubles as our laundry ‘room’. Well dudes, I found it – the help I wanted. It came in the form of this:

stall-shoe-cabinet-with-compartments-white__0105257_PE252359_S4The STALL Shoe Cabinet. Hello new best friend! I hauled that baby home (as well as a few other jems I might add) & spent my Friday night surrounded by a million pieces of Swedish goodness. You’re jealous of how exciting my Friday nights are, aren’t you? This unit has to be fastened to the wall, so once the frame was built I hauled it down the couple of stairs to the entry and positioned it on the wall.


My original thought was to put it under the coat hanger right next to where the door is, but it would have covered the outlet and the coats would have covered it, so to the left, to the left it went. Don’t mind the lousy lightning, there is zero natural light that enters this space so it can get pretty dark! To ensure that I hit two studs I ended up drilling another hope through the back piece and then attached the unit to the wall.

One last reminder of what the chaos looked like…..


And now what it looks like!


I tossed some shoes and then assigned a drawer to each family member with the exception of Ellie for now. Although advertised to fit 2 pairs of shoes we managed to fit 4 pairs of Tuckers into his compartment!


I found the red bucket at Target last year and it holds all our sandals as well as Ellie’s little shoes.

Entrance02 Entrance03 Entrance8

I found the orange tins at a garage sale last week for .50 and although they are meant for coffee and tea, they work perfect for holding our keys & work passes! I’m thinking I’ll eventually spray paint them something fun like mint or robin’s egg blue! It’s only been a few days, but so far so good. Shoes have managed to be put back in their spaces and I think the boys are excited to have their own compartment to take care of!

Now, on to this disaster……Wish me luck.



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