Halloween Printables

Hello my pretties! Halloween is fast approaching and soon the ghouls & goblins and Elsa’s & Anna’s will be a knocking at the door. Once your kids have terrorized the neighborhood you’ll have to do the “parent check” on the candy bags, you know, just to make sure there’s nothing wonky in there. Then you’ll probably slip into a sugar coma because when does one ever consume that much candy in one sitting, besides when they’re doing the “parent check”?

100 mini chocolate bars = self control out the door.  It’s an evil cycle, but it sure makes a person happy that Halloween only comes once a year.

Do you decorate your space for Halloween? I’ve been putting more effort into it as the kids get bigger and start to enjoy the ‘season’ more. So here are a couple of printables to help YOU start spookify-ing your space!



Click HERE to get Something Wicked


Click HERE to get Toil & Trouble

  • Vanessa @ Little Gold Pixel
    Oct 06

    Super cool Halloween printables — I’m finaaaaally getting into the Halloween spirit, and I think it’s because my daughter keeps asking me every day if “today” is Halloween. 😉

    • Chandra
      Vanessa @ Little Gold Pixel
      Oct 06

      Thanks Vanessa! I’m usually so late with getting into Halloween mode myself! I think seeing all the candy bars in the store made me hop on the early Halloween bandwagon, haha!

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