How to Add Gold Dots to Your Room

Add Gold Dots to your room

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This is the story of gold dots application and an aspiring designer. An aspiring 2 year old designer that is.

I’ve been involved in a love affair with gold decor (hence the gold dots) for close to 2 years now & I don’t see it ending anytime soon. It’s been finding its way into each room around the house so it should be no surprise that I was able to incorporate some of that glitzy gold into Ellie’s room makeover.

I was working with a blank wall and wanted to stray away from hanging anything. Why? For the simple reason that her bed is against this wall and when I eventually find the right bedding I want that to stand out instead of a busy wall. Admittedly the wall looked pretty bare without anything on it. What better way to add some personality than with some gold vinyl dots?

I was able to whip this project out in less than an hour because I had everything on hand. I used my Cricut Explore Air  to cut 2″ circles on some gold vinyl that I was hoarding for this very reason (not really, but it justifies always having gold vinyl on hand!). I ended up cutting 3 12″x12″ sheets with 36 dots per sheet. If you don’t have the means to do this yourself, there are so many great shops on Etsy that you can order dots in any color from!

Ellie's Room7

So here’s what happens when you add a blank wall with gold dots:

Gold Dot Little Girl Room

A whole lot of awesome, that’s what! I have to admit this was a little out of comfort zone. Not the wall decal part, but the whole random placement of all the dots. See, I’m that person who will walk into your house and discretely straighten your crooked photo (face palm). This is the only OCD tendency that I show, I can’t handle uneven lines on anything! I had applied anchor decals in Carter’s room and you can bet that I measured and double measured to make sure those suckers were straight and evenly spaced! I was going for more of a blowing confetti look here though, so random it had to be.

Start in any corner you wish and cluster your dots, as you work your way across the wall start spacing them further and further apart, keeping a random formation. When you’re applying them initally don’t press on them firmly as you may want to re-position some.  Take a step back every few dots or so and take in the overall look. If you like what you see, keep going. Don’t be scared to move them around and try different places. I used two full sheets before I felt it was ‘done’. Once I was happy with it,  I went back and pressed firmly down on all the decals to make sure they were stuck well to the wall…or so I thought.

Ellie's Room3 Ellie's Room2

The whole time I was applying the dots Ellie was watching and throwing in a “I like it mommy” or an “I like doze mommy”. It was win win, we were both loving it!

Well shortly after, I layed that sweet angel of a child down for a nap. A couple of hours passed and I decided to go up and check on her. I quietly opened the door and as I peeked in I was greeted with “look mommy!”.

Then I saw it.

Ellie's Room4

Apparently I didn’t stick those suckers on the wall as well as I thought I did.

In case you’re missing it, here’s a better picture.

Ellie's Room5

I’m looking at it as a sign that the child is an aspiring artist or designer. It’s now been a few days and she’s only moved them into one other formation, so I’m hoping that she’ll lose interest soon and I can move them back into place eventually. If not, we may be looking at a more random formation than I initially bargained for!

Overall I love how the gold pops against the violet and when the sun shines through her window it adds some glitz and glam to the space!

I must say, this sure beats marker on the walls! Have any of your kids given you a hand in decorating lately?




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