Welcome to Autumn + Ash!

Ok, the last timed I blogged was last April. How the hell did that even happen?! Proof that time does fly when you aren’t paying attention.

Although I haven’t been documenting anything lately, so many changes have happened around here! Firstly, welcome to Autumn + Ash! For those returning, you know this site as HashtagBlessed Blog. It was so time for a  change.

When I first started blogging, I was being extremely uncreative with my blog name and may have been making a bit of a jab at the fact that EVERYONE and their mother were hashtagging (is that a word?) their social media posts with #blessed.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m super blessed in this life of mine, but the name did not reflect who I am or what I want this site to be. I changed over my social media names quite awhile ago, and recently over the summer had some of the best of the best change my site name over. So now we’re ready to roll!

This is still the place to come for room makeovers that won’t break the bank, tips and tricks to make your house feel a bit more like home & simple craft ideas. What you’re also gonna get though, is me opening up a bit. Sharing some personal struggles & some of my everyday life…the good & the bad! And the best part? I’ll be integrating my sign making hustle down the road as well. I’ll be sharing some SVG files and adding a shop for the signs I make under the Autumn + Ash name!

Now that is worth sticking around for!

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