No Drama Llama Party

I'm trying to hold on to the last straws of warm weather, so I was hoping that by posting about our littlest littles summer llama themed birthday party, I would feel warmer. It's not working. If I'm being honest, I've completely lost the wind in my sails when it comes to hosting kids parties. The oldest kid got the best of me party-wise. By the time the 3rd came along, all the gusto was gone. Terrible, I know.  Luckily, we found some fun llama themed decorations at Wal-Mart and managed to pull together a fun party without breaking the bank! The forecast[...]


Birthday Sweets

Yesterday our littlest munchkin turned 2! Honestly, I'm still trying to digest it. There's so much personality wrapped up in that little body of hers, she's a sweet tornado with a ponytail. What better way to celebrate a sweetheart with some serious Minnie Mouse inspired treats?         I'm a lover of the ombré look & also a lover of quick and easy. The result of this was Ellie's birthday cake. It was my first attempt at ombré icing and I would've liked the colours to have blended better together, but overall it turned out pre[...]