Easy DIY Valentines Rounds

Back in September we were celebrating my MIL’s birthday. As a “gift” to her, we (on a whim) decided to slaughter the apple tree in their backyard. It was due time. The poor thing was just not pretty anymore.

There were some thicker branches coming down, so I  had Eric cut me 5 rounds (at about 3/4″ thick) off of one of them. They were then brought home with the intentions of making Christmas decorations. That didn’t really happen. Fast forward 4 months and here we are now with some awesome dried out wooden rounds, cost: $0. Chandra = winning. Thank you.


I sanded the side down that I wanted to face out with my palm sander until it was semi smooth. Just mainly enough to take away any jagged edges. Then I painted some chalkboard paint on until I was satisfied with the wood to paint ratio. I ended up doing 3 coats of the chalkboard paint to get the depth of colour I wanted & used Rustoleum Chalkboard paint in Black, it’s my go to & hasn’t failed me yet.


I dug out some pink craft paint, FolkArt in Baby Pink, and decided to go with XOXO & a heart on the last one. Next comes my favourite part – outlining with my Gold Sharpie! I find outlining to sometimes be tedious, when you’re doing it on a rough-ish surface perfection is a hard thing to accomplish.

DSC_2125DSC_2123 DSC_2120

I put a few dots on the heart for a little more dazzle & called it complete. You could string these up to use as a banner, use them as coasters, or just put them in a tray as a decorative piece on your table. Can you guess where they ended up in our house?

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