Fab Find – Dresser Edition

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ll know that last week I found THE garage sale find of the season (so far). I still can’t believe it was only $5! It’s made of some pretty decent wood and just needed a little bit of love.

Dresserdresser1dresser2Look at those lines! Those handles! That awesome marbled sticker (yes, sticker)! It had a ton of potential that just needed to be tapped into. So that I did just that, tapped it….with first the belt sander & then the palm sander.

dresser3 dresser5The drawers, the trim and the top of the dresser were quite quick and easy to do. I actually used the palm sander for the majority of the sanding on them. Things got a little trickier when we took the belt sander to the sides of the dresser. There was so much top coat on them that when it the belt on the sander got hot it made the finish melt and gum in places – live and learn right?

dresser4I tried the palm sander to see if that would work better and after many minutes and no results we decided that we need to get some Paint & Varnish Stripper to do the job. I picked up a tin for around $8 at Home Hardware and just followed the instructions and BAM just like that the finish was off. Once it was stripped and dried I took the palm sander to it to smooth things out.

There are a couple of more things we need to do before we can get to the fun part….painting/staining! The ‘guides’ along the inside that the drawers slide onto are in rough shape and need replacing and there were also a couple of spots that needed some wood filler. A couple of nails here and there to make it sturdier won’t hurt either!

dresser6dresser7Overall I’m loving the direction we’re going with it. Sanding down the drawer fronts really made the design stand out and gets me so excited to see the finished product! We’ve got a busy week ahead and I’m heading out of town for a couple of days for work, so cross your fingers for an end of weekend finish/reveal!



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