Fab $5 Dresser Find

My grandma Therese is the garage saler of all garage salers. She will buy a glass dish off of you for $1 just to turn around and sell it to you for $5. Don’t ask me how she does it, but I’m pretty sure she could sell ice to an Eskimo, water to a fish, rain to a cloud….well you get the idea. She is the bargain Queen.

I’m starting to think that a bit of her skill is rubbing off on me, which is definitely a good thing. A few weeks ago I found the bargain of all bargains at a garage sale in my neighborhood, an old wooden dresser for a whopping $5. It was begging for some love and attention and I fell hook, line & sinker. The moral to this story is always carry $5 with you, you never know what you’ll end up going home with. Hope that it’s a dresser….not something else.

I brought you up to speed in this post with some of the work we needed to do in order to make it more re-vampable (is that a word?). I’m here to finish the story….finally!

Here’s what we started with:


Isn’t she beautiful, all chipped and worn out looking.

dresser9 dresser8 dresser7

We ended up replacing all the slides on either side and I also had to replace a couple of supports. You could tell this beauty was old, the wood was pretty dry and brittle. We used wood filler to fill in some of the nicks that were peppered all over.

Ok, ok enough with the boring stuff, you want the finished product don’t you?!! I do. So here it is!


Oh hey! Hi! Wow. Gorge right? I ended up going with Provencial (The middle choice if you were following on Instagram or Facebook) by Minwax and put 4 coats of stain on it to get the color depth. 2 coats of Verithane glossed it out and made it nice and shiny! I painted the dresser “shell” with Americana Decor Chalk Paint in Everlasting. I was a little worried at first, only because I’ve never worked with the brand of chalk paint before. It was a little thicker than Annie Sloane Chalk paint, so I ended up watering it down a bit so that it spread easier and it worked out really well. It took 4 coats of paint to fully cover the dresser. White can be such a tough color sometime, with chalk paint you shouldn’t have to do much prep primer wise, but I think if I was using it again on bare wood I would definitely throw down a coat of primer first. I sealed it with some Annie Sloane Soft Wax that I have from other projects and didn’t buff it too much so that it didn’t take away from the drawers.

dresser4 dresser3

The detailing really popped once I started staining, there was a moment in time that I worried it would get lost but the color was a good contrast for it. I stayed with the existing handles, because they blend in nicely and don’t take away from the drawers although I’m sure once I find a handle that I really like I won’t hesitate to change it up, I’ll keep you posted!

dresser5 dresser6 dresser2I’m over the moon in love with how it turned out! My only dilemma now is where on earth do I put it?!


  • Brooke
    May 04

    It looks great. Good job.

  • Debby
    May 15

    Love what you did with the dresser:) Now, how did you make the cork trivet? Cute as a button!

    • Chandra
      May 15

      Thanks Debby! My mom made me the awesome trivet! All she used was a hose clamp (you can get various sizes) and corks. She stood the corks up inside of the clamp and once it was full she tightened the clamp to keep them in place.

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