Trash to Treasure

I love LOVE rattan furniture. When I was young, like 6-7yrs old young, we had a rattan couch. You know the one, shaped like a big oval bowl and when you layed in it it felt like you were lying in a cloud? I’m not sure what happened to it, but I’m pretty sure that’s where my love of rattan furniture started!

Imagine my excitement when I came across an ad for a rattan coffee & end table for sale! It was a complete impulse buy & within a couple of hours those rattan beauties were sitting in the garage.

We had a coffee table in our living room awhile ago (see this post), but I sold it awhile back and we’ve been without since. The plan was and still is to build a new one, I just haven’t found the type of coffee table I want so this is a good “for now” solution. The light bamboo look does not match anything we have in our space though so to the spray paint cupboard it was!

I chose a can of Oil Rubbed Bronze in a matte finish by Krylon. It looks mostly black but in different lighting and angles you get a hint of something more.

All I did was give the table numerous coats of spray paint until it was covered. It took a full can to cover but turned out great. Our living room is a work in progress and this table really adds to it. Next step, get on finding an area rug to throw down in there!

rattanrattan6 rattan4 rattan7 rattan3


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