A Bathroom Story

It’ll be 3 years this coming October that we’ve lived in our house. It was built in 2005 and everything was finished save for the ceiling and bathroom in the basement. Easy enough projects right? They were very quickly put onto our winter projects list.

Wellllll the ceiling turned into a quick weekend project when Carter declared that he wanted to move to the basement instead of sharing a room with Tuck. This was a good thing. With the ceiling completed, the bathroom would be done in no time! Right? Wrong. We had good intentions, we bought a tub, toilet, and some flooring. Then everything just sat there….for almost a year.

I’m happy to say that the fire has been re-ignited. Finally. We’re not dealing with anything tricky or out of the norm, the space is a standard size as far as bathrooms go, 5 x 8 (at least I think that’s standard?). The previous owners had drywall hanging on the East and South walls and had left enough drywall to finish the room off.  In order to fit the tub in properly, we had to take the drywall off of the East wall and half of the South wall.   We’ll be using aqua board instead of regular drywall around the tub once all the plumbing is completed. I can’t really classify this bathroom as a remodel when we’re starting with a blank slate! Here’s what we’re working with, this view is from the doorway.

Don’t mind the mess. Here’s a view from where the tub will sit, looking at the doorway.

And here’s the tub in the bathroom!


That’s handy Eric on the left and his sidekick handy Bryce on the right. Poor Bryce came over to help with an electrical issue we had and I managed to convince him to help Eric bring the tub to the basement. Can’t say whether or not he left impressed! 
We picked up the piece of Lino from a local flooring retailer in town.It has a multitude of browns and greys in it, so it’s pretty versatile and doesn’t restrict us in trying to design the rest of the space. The basement is pretty much kid territory, we watch the odd movie as a family down there, but it otherwise houses rambunctious boys and the odd doll. The space needs to be extremely kid friendly – user & cleaning wise – and as low maintenance as possible for this momma.

We farmed the plumbing job out to a friend and will more than likely be doing the same with the drywall and mudding. We would normally do the last two things ourselves, but with both of our work schedules lately this room would probably sit for a whole other year! Also, when you’re able to pay in cases of beer, then it’s hard to turn the help away! So that’s where were sitting in our basement bathroom project. My job this week is to find a vanity that I like enough to bring home, which is proving to be more difficult than I thought. Too many choices, not a large enough budget. I’m hoping this list will be much more condensed by weeks end!


Here’s what’s left to do (in no particular order):

  • Find & purchase vanity
  • plumb in tub
  • hang the aqua board & drywall
  • tape and mud said aqua board and tile
  • tile the tub surround
  • buy some light fixtures
  • paint
  • baseboards
  • install toilet & vanity
  • hang mirror – may need to paint mirror frame
  • hang hooks – oh, buy hooks….
  • find some cutesy art to hang

Not too bad of a list. I think for now I’ll focus on the vanity, haha! Wish me luck!

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