Organizing a Chaotic Closet

Every year when school starts I vow that I’m going to be more organised, have a better routine & be a little more patient. It usually lasts halfway through September and then we’re back at rushed mornings & forgotten lunches. I swear though, this year is GOING. TO. BE. IT. I already feel like I’ve taken a step in the right direction with the huge purge and garage sale we had last week. Our belongings are less and thanks to a 1×6, some stain and 3 hooks I’m already ahead of the game on the organisation side of it all.

Remember when I showed you this hot mess


Well….it hasnèt gotten much better over time. This was todays view.


This closet sits next to our laundry area in the entry to the garage. Confused yet. It’s in a hidden corner of our house that you don’t notice unless you’re actually looking for it. The door is often closed so the mess stays out of sight. So here’s what is wrong with this space (other than the fact that it’s a whopping 5 x 4):


It all boils down to too much stuff, not enough space. Believe it or not, I managed to say goodbye to roughly half the shoes that were in that closet & 2 of my own jackets. I purged HUGE last week!

Some of the things to look at when you’re going through things like shoes, jackets & outdoor gear are:

  • Does the item fit, is it too big or too small.
  • Has the item been worn in its most recent season If I haven’t worn it in a year then it’s gone. Chances are I won’t be wearing it the following season.
  • Is the item in good condition, are there holes that need to be addressed, are they worth fixing.

Keeping these 3 things in mind really help me decide whether or not the item makes the cut.

We use the garage entry 90% of the time we are at home and this closet is where all the off-season shoes were being stored as well as jackets, toques, mitts, you name it. The boys are always arguing over who gets to use the lonely hook for their book bag and now that we have two in school the majority of the time, it was time to do something.

Here was my solution.


I measured out a 1×6 pine board and stained it with my go-to, Provencial by Minwax. I put a generous coat on the board and let it soak in for a good 20-25 minutes before wiping the excess off. I let it dry off for a couple of days so that there would be no transfer once I put it on the wall. Donèt mind all the screw holes in the wall, this closet is in desperate need of some patch and paint work but with 10è tall ceilings and the fact that it goes mostly unseen, it is at the very bottom of my list.

I found the studs and used 1 2 1é2 screw in 3 different studs to secure it to the wall, making sure it was level beforehand. Once it was secured to the wall I put up the hooks, spacing them roughly 13È apart. This allowed just enough room for the back packs to hang comfortably. On the end where the jackets hung I screwed the bracket to hang the vacuum hose in. This keeps it out of sight and actually allows space for the accessories to be put without being in the way.

closet3 closet5

Each kid has their own hook now, so that should hopefully eliminate the arguing. Each green cubby holds splash pants, mitts, toques and scarves for the child who’s initial is on it, so there should definitely be no confusion there.


The shoe racks have been cut down from 2 to 1. I brought one up to the closet in our bedroom to hold seasonal shoes that are well, not in season at the moment. The rest of the shoes we regularly wear are found in the cubbies in our revamped entry.

And one last BEFORE…


And the AFTER…


Much, MUCH better. Now let’s see how long we can keep this organised…I’m hoping for at least October!


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