Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

Well we made it to Friday! No missed busses, no forgotten lunches, no tears, it’s good to be Friday!

SO, remember when I mentioned that we were finishing up the bathroom in our basement? Well it’s slow going, but we’re seeing progress! We finally picked out a vanity, countertop and some hardware to go with it all & I’ll be so glad to see it finished up. I mean, we’ve only been living in this house for 3 years this October.

Our house was built in 2005 and all the cabinets and vanities throughout the house match. It’s nice having the uniformity throughout but the longer we are here the more I find that it’s difficult to match our colors and style to the color of the cabinets. They look so much lighter in our kitchen, but our kitchen is flooded with natural light for 10+ hours a day. Our main floor bathroom gets no natural light. The cabinets in the bathroom have always come across as more orange toned & after some careful thought (who am I kidding, it was pretty much a ‘whim’ decision) I decided it was time to paint them. GASP! I know, paint newer cabinets that are in incredible shape and have nothing wrong with them? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hesitate numerous times before doing it. I’m not sure though if the hesitation arose from painting the cabinets, or wondering how Eric would react to the change.

There are 1001 ways to paint cabinets that include everything from sanding, to stripping, to spraying to even spray painting them. I did it the cheater way. I used liquid sander. It saved my arm from a whole lot of aching due to sanding!

Here’s what I started out with:


I removed the doors and drawers from the base and then removed all the handles, knobs and hardware. Keep in mind that if you’re removing the door hardware to mark on a piece of tape which door they are coming from. Our doors were all fitted specifically for the hinges that were on them and when I removed them, I put them all in one big pile. So imagine the annoyance I felt when I put the hinges on and NONE of the doors lined up or fit proper. I probably spent a solid 30 minutes adjusting hinges when I put the doors back on.

I taped off around the inside of all the openings so that I didn’t have to worry about the paint bleeding.


Using the liquid sander I painted it on the fronts of my 3 doors until it felt tacky. I used Beauti-tone Designer Series Paint for Cabinets and Furniture in ‘Hearthstone’ It’s a warm gray that tied in really nicely with the flooring in our bathroom. Using a brush I started by painting the inner area of the doors. I tried not to put too much on for the first coat as I wanted to try my best to avoid any drips or ‘edges’. Using a dense foam roller I rolled on the outer portion of the doors and set them out to dry. Endure paint is dry to touch in 1 hour but can only be re-coated after 12 hours. I assume it’s because of the laminate quality of the paint, but that’s only speculation. Because I wasn’t doing the fronts right away I flipped the doors around after an hour and painted the backs of them.

After the paint had a chance to dry for the 12 hours, I took a very fine grit sanding block and lightly went over the whole door and drawer fronts. I enhanced the photo below to show you what the first coat looked like after having been lightly sanded. You can see where I used the brush and roller and the lighter markings show where the sanding happened.
Cabinets4 Cabinets3 

 12 hours is  long bloody time to wait for paint to dry between coats. I often stray from directions but there was no way I wasn’t following what the paint can said to a T, so 12 hour wait time it was. Good thing I decided to redo the whole bathroom in the meantime, but that’s another post for another time! I did 3 coats of paint on all the drawer fronts & backs as well as the door fronts and backs. It takes 10 days for the paint to properly set & cure, so I was pretty strict with not allowing anyone to use the bathroom! Have to pee? Run upstairs, bang those cabinets if you have to, no banging around my freshly painted ones. Once the cabinets were painted I have a bit of a dilemma, the handles and knobs totally blended in with the Hearthstone color! I really was not in the mood to go our looking for new ones and wanted to get through this cabinet makeover without having to spend more moola then actually needed. There was also nothing wrong with the handles and knobs either. Can you guess what I did? Whipped out a can of Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint and gave to beauties a few good sprays to darken them up and make them pop!

As I mentioned before, I spent (wasted) 30 minutes adjusting the doors when I screwed the hinges back in. It was a blessing in disguise though as it made slow down and really appreciate how incredible the cabinet turned out.

Here’s one last before…


And the after!


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  • Alayna Valters
    Apr 14

    Your cabinets look beautiful! I love how the colour turned out. It’s been awhile since you did this, how has the Beauti Tone paint held up? You didn’t mention how satisfied you were with the paint in your post, but would you use it again? Thanks in advance!

    • Chandra
      Alayna Valters
      Apr 14

      Thanks Alayna! I love the beauti tone paint. It has held up so good & when I’m talking painting cabinets with friends I am constantly recommending it. We have one cupboard door, the one closest to the wall that has chipped a bit, and I use the word chipped loosely. Fairly certain it had been picked at by my kids! It would be my first choice if I were to paint my cabinets again.

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