Vanity Table Makeover

It’s a furniture makeover day! Yay! I wish I could spend my days putting new life into furniture rather than sitting in a too cold office, but alas, it’s just not yet meant to be.  A lady had contacted me about redoing a vanity table she had and I jumped all over it. Although my makeup application skills are sub par (as in mascara is the only thing I wear) I love working on them. They have such character and I love the idea of having one in a room.  This piece was no exception, the colouring and wood grain were beautiful and I was a little sad to cover it up. Vanity Table Makeover Vanity Table Makeover It was great shape and needed very little fixing. A few knicks here and there were filled with some wood filler and sanded down. I unhinged the doors and took out the drawers then using my palm sander, stripped it down to bare wood. I went over it again with a piece of sand paper in a 220 grit, just to smooth everything out.   Vanity Table Makeover In the photo above you can see the bottom of the inside of the cabinet is warped quite a bit. I ended up popping it out and having my pops cut a new piece of plywood to fit in it. It looks soooo much better!  Vanity Table MakeoverI ended up mixing two parts of Rustoleums Linen White Chalked paint with 1 part ASCP in Paris Grey to get a lighter grey colour. 2 coats of the mix covered it well. I painted the recessed panels in Paris Grey to add some character to it and then spray painted the handles in Rustoleum White spray paint.  Now here’s the kicker. Instead of using wax to finish it, I used a matte poly. It went on great, it dried great, then all of a sudden it was showing orange undertones all over one panel. Ugh. I let it sit for a couple more days and looked at it in various lighting just to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. Seriously, I honestly hoped my eye sight was just sucky. But it wasn’t.  Can you spot the orange?!!  Out came the palm sander…again and I stripped it back down…again. Now I was never one for chemistry, but I honestly think it was a reaction of the poly combined with the two chalk paints that caused it to happen. Why? Because it sat painted for a few days before the poly was applied and there was no hint of orange ANYWHERE. it wasn’t until the poly dried that I noticed a difference. I really can’t explain it much better than that.  2 coats of my white/grey mix went on again with a light sanding between both coats. The threat of chopping the piece into firewood may or may not have happened before applying a top coat. This time I used Rustoleums Chalked Matte Clear Coat. I used it sparingly on the initial coat and then held my breath. Nothing. No orange, nada.  A second coat was applied and I again I almost passed out holding my breath  thankfully though, nothing (insert celebratory dance).  Vanity Table Makeover She’s a beauty, isn’t she? Don’t mind the lighting. I was outside with it in the garage and was too lazy to haul it inside, so sunset photos it is!  Vanity Table Makeover Vanity Table Makeover I’m really digging the subtle contrast between the panels and the rest of it. The pops of white on the handles are enough to draw your eyes in without making it feel too blah.  Vanity Table Makeover Vanity Table MakeoverVanity Table MakeoverI’ll be sad to see it go, but so happy with how it turned out! I’d say it’s classically modern…if that’s a thing. 

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