Rosemary Infused Baked Potato

I love to BBQ. Honestly LOVE. Although we tend to grill year round (yes, even at -30) we definitely up our grilling game in the summer. Our BBQ is fired up at least 5/7 days of the week. It’s convenient, it tastes like summer, & the house stays cool because we aren’t turning on our stove. Win/win all around. 

Sometimes suppers can get repetitive, with potatoes being a superstar side that is served more often than not. Unfortunately there are only so many ways you can cook a potato on a BBQ. 

My go-to recipe is simple: diced potatoes in a foil pack with salt, pepper & a couple of sprigs of rosemary. Mouth. Watering. 

So why not try it with a baked potatoe? 

I cheat when I make baked potatoes. I quarter and season them and then stick them back together and foil them. I find it helps them cook quicker and I also don’t risk stabbing by hand by ‘forking’ them (you know, stabbing the crap out of them with a fork….) 

Quarter your potato & sprinkle some salt and pepper overtop.  I used some purple Jamaican salt that is totally delicious! Put two quarters together to make a half and then add a couple of sprigs of rosemary. 

I paired Barbeque Rosemary with the potatoes, it gives off a great aroma and some unreal flavour. It’s the perfect addition to any dish. 

Add the other half of your potato on top and then wrap it tight in tinfoil. It’s fine if your rosemary sticks out the end, it just helps infuse some flavour into the skin as well. 

Place on the BBQ and keep your temp around 400 degrees. Cook for around 40 minutes for a medium sized potatoe. When you are doing a few potatoes, try and keep them around the same size so that they cook together. 

When they are tender take them off the grill and enjoy with your meal.  

The aroma alone is to die for, there is nothing more fragrant than rosemary. The potato soaks in the aroma and flavour from the rosemary sprig and is so incredibly delicious when you add a touch of butter to melt overtop. 

So super delish. It’s a simple way to jazz up a baked potato and you won’t regret the great flavour you get! 

What are some of your favourite grilling recipes? 

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