Rainy Day Idea: Painted Story Rocks

We wrapped up a long weekend at the cabin recently and I think everyone was a little lake-hungover. It’s funny how much you crave your routine after not having it for a few days. Ellie opted out of her pre-nap fight and went right to her bedroom when I suggested a few minutes of shut eye. The boys didn’t hesitate when instructed to shower in order to scrub every inch of their lake saturated selves. Ahhhh, if only it were always like that.

The weather wasn’t entirely on our side, there were more clouds than sunshine, ideal fishing weather….not ideal water sportin’ weather. After we had exhausted our collection of VHS’s it was time to figure out something else to do. Luckily, I packed my paints and brushes! You never know when you’ll want to paint something!

We set out to make some painted story rocks.

We gathered various sized rocks and cleaned them off in the lake. Once they had dried out, I layed out some colors and brushes and we started painting random items. A house, a cloud, a butterfly, an emoji, an apple tree. There was no right or wrong item.  Once the rocks are dried, keep them in a little bag so that they are ready to go when you need them.

Rainy Day Idea: Painted Story Rocks
Each painted rock will serve to inspire a story. If the kids get bored, have them choose a rock. Using the picture on the rock along with their imagination, have them tell a story that includes or revolves around the image. If you have a kid like Carter, then your story will end up being quite comical, with character voices and everything!

Nevermind the fact that the kid chose the snake rock, knowing full well that I’m completely petrified of those suckers. Needless to say his story ended with a snake visiting our front step looking for the “Missus of the house”….not cool kid, not cool.

Rainy Day Idea: Painted Story RocksRainy Day Idea: Painted Story RocksRainy Day Idea: Painted Story RocksRainy Day Idea: Painted Story Rocks
What are some of your favourite summer activities to do with the kids?

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