A Skylander & Minecraft Birthday

Warning: This is a very birthday related and photo heavy post! This past weekend we celebrated Carter 9th birthday. 9! I still can't believe it. Over the years he's a had a few interests that he's been pretty focused on and those interests have carried through to his birthday "theme" of sorts. I never thought I'd be a birthday theme mom, but here I am - guilty as charged! It all started with Skylanders....and the fact that I was pregnant with Ellie. I was totally feeling Susie Homemaker-ish and Supermom-like and decided that the kid needed a styled table and[...]


Dye-less Easter Eggs

Hey, hey! Long time no talk peeps. The past couple of weeks have been crazy busy, CRAZY. And it's nowhere near stopping either. We've celebrated so many birthday's, hockey wind-ups, & family functions over the past few days that Monday was almost a welcome thing. Almost. Guess what? I turned 30 yesterday, whaaaat?! I know! CRAZY (favorite word this post). More about that in another post though. Carter turns 9 on Saturday and then Sunday we celebrate Easter. One of our favorite things to do is decorating eggs. We usually buy the kits and do variations of[...]


Our Spring Wreath & 15 Idea’s for Yours

What better way to wake up on the first day of Spring but to be greeted by snow? Kidding, there was a pit in my stomach when I saw it but it's just a skiff compared to what everyone out East is getting! Aaaaaand the melting factor is very high right now, I'm predicting little to no snow by bedtime. Cross your fingers. Even though the snow screams winter forever, our front door screams HAPPY SPRING!!! Or Welcome, take your pick. Now that's enough to put anyone in a good mood! To make your own all you need is: Foam Wreath - any size you want Burl[...]


Fabric Flowers

Netflix is going to be the death of me. I mean, I've already watched season 3 of "Suits" (Helloooooooo Harvey!) so why do I feel that once the kids are in bed I have to binge watch it again? The only productive thing that came of it were these STELLAR fabric flowers! Even better, NO FUSS fabric flowers - say that fast 10 times ;). Check out that awesome fabric! I went walking through Fabricland a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely fell in love with the new fabrics they had just gotten - sorry, I can't for the life of me remember what line it is. But I'[...]


‘Luck’ Bunting Tutorial

I love the look of burlap. You can manipulate it to your liking and adapt it to all types of decor. I had found some wire rimmed burlap ribbon at Costco in the fall with the intentions of using it in our Christmas decor and well, it didn't happen! What I did do is use it to make the Love bunting for our Valentines mantel and also for the Luck bunting that I shared yesterday in our Irish inspired mantel. Wanna know how to make your own? Check it out! You will need: 4 lengths of burlap or fabric (whatever you wish to use) - I cut mine at 6" long Bak[...]