Furniture Makeovers


Cinder Block Herb Garden 

Hey, hey! Happy Sunday! Are you guys out enjoying this gorgeous day? We've been outside since early this morning, first freezing at the +1 temperature & now enjoying the sunshine. We've been out working lots in the yard the past few days trying to brainstorm how to maximize our garden space. Here's what we're working with. In past years we've crammed carrots, peas, tomatoes, basil, rosemary, chives, oregano & sage into this 16' x 2' raised garden bed. It gets a little overgrown, especially when our tomato plants grow taller than the deck rail and wan[...]


Trash to Treasure

I love LOVE rattan furniture. When I was young, like 6-7yrs old young, we had a rattan couch. You know the one, shaped like a big oval bowl and when you layed in it it felt like you were lying in a cloud? I'm not sure what happened to it, but I'm pretty sure that's where my love of rattan furniture started! Imagine my excitement when I came across an ad for a rattan coffee & end table for sale! It was a complete impulse buy & within a couple of hours those rattan beauties were sitting in the garage. We had a coffee table in our living room awhile ag[...]


Fab $5 Dresser Find

My grandma Therese is the garage saler of all garage salers. She will buy a glass dish off of you for $1 just to turn around and sell it to you for $5. Don't ask me how she does it, but I'm pretty sure she could sell ice to an Eskimo, water to a fish, rain to a cloud....well you get the idea. She is the bargain Queen. I'm starting to think that a bit of her skill is rubbing off on me, which is definitely a good thing. A few weeks ago I found the bargain of all bargains at a garage sale in my neighborhood, an old wooden dresser for a whopping $5. It was begging[...]


Mapping a Desk

Last weekend I found this awesome dresser at a garale sale (shocker, I know). So for $20 I loaded this and a small sized rolley chair into the back of the vehicle & brought that less then beautiful item home. Tuck likes to craft and color, and this desk is the perfect size for a kid! It just needed a bit of paint & love.  I had some leftover Annie Sloane Chalk Paint from a chair project I had done last year and figured it would be the perfect color to offset the more muted tones in the basement. The color is Provence and my favorite of Annie Sloane's[...]


Fab Find – Dresser Edition

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you'll know that last week I found THE garage sale find of the season (so far). I still can't believe it was only $5! It's made of some pretty decent wood and just needed a little bit of love. Look at those lines! Those handles! That awesome marbled sticker (yes, sticker)! It had a ton of potential that just needed to be tapped into. So that I did just that, tapped it....with first the belt sander & then the palm sander. The drawers, the trim and the top of the dresser were quite quick and easy to do. I actually[...]