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Fall Mantle

Welcome! Autumn made it's way into our home over the past couple of days and today I'll be sharing our ever-changing fireplace mantle. Our fireplace is in the corner of our living room and can sometimes be a challenge with decor & furniture placement as it also houses our TV. Eric built a shelf out of reclaimed wood shortly after we moved in so that the TV sits higher and we're able to decorate around it better. Even with all the seasonal decor though, it can still feel very bare. I've been tossing around different ideas for what we can do to add some more ch[...]


Light it up 

Most days I feel like I'm a fearless DIY'er. Today is one of those days. I managed to change a light fixture without shorting anything out or burning anything down. This is HUGE people, I normally shy away from things that have to do with electrical or plumbing. There's reasons why people go to school to learn that stuff.  All the light fixtures in our home have a general theme. Hammered silver finish with 'cloudy' glass. They are nice and in great shape, they just aren't my style. What is my style? Great question; it's a mish mash of everything! Right now m[...]


Summer Mantle

So now that summer is well under way, what better time to share our summer mantle that was slightly overlooked! I tend to lean more towards a beachy vibe with my summer decor, lots of shells, sea glass and bottles in general. You can add a lot without it looking too cluttered and in your face. If I had a summer cottage near the sea I can imagine my whole home would have this vibe to it year round. Can't go wrong with light, breezy and beachy! I picked the mirror up at HomeSense awhile ago, with the intention of using it in Carter's Nautical themed room. Need[...]


Getting STALL-ing Organised

Last week was the craziest week I've had in a while. Thursday Carter and I made the 4 hour drive to Edmonton to watch Team Canada play in the World Cup. Holy WOW. Watching Christine Sinclair in action was pretty amazing, that woman is like a bullet on the field! Although Canada is known for its love of hockey, our Canadian woman's soccer team is definitely one to watch for. On to Round 2! I was also able to make a long overdue date with IKEA prior to the game, I was so needing some IKEA organisation in my life! My main goal was to find something that would help[...]


Well Hello Thunderbird

The evolution of color on a door

Not the car, sorry to disappoint. This is a about a door and some color, although it would be pretty great to go for a ride in one of those old beauties, I could channel my inner Sandra Dee (wrong generation?). Anyhow, a few posts back I talked about introducing color into your home by painting your doors....welp, I finally took my own advice! I had the intention of doing it when I wrote the post, it was just a matter of deciding which door...and which color. When I painted the arrow pattern on our wall, it was pretty much decided for me which door needed to[...]