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The Arrow Points Down

Recently I've been falling in love with all the photos of patterned walls I've been finding everywhere. It seems that wallpaper is slooooowly weaselling its way back into people's homes. For good reason though! Have you seen the amazing patterns and textures companies have been coming out with in recent years? LOVING THEM. Like a crap load. Kudos to all you peeps who have big enough.....hearts to welcome wallpaper into your home. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from peeling wallpaper off of my bathroom walls when I was a teen. It was enough to make think "no[...]


Adding Pops of Color to your Doors

It's no secret that I love color and I love to paint. Painting is my 'zen'. Some people do yoga, some go for a jog, others may drink wine.....I paint. Springtime is usually when my need to paint something comes out full force. This go 'round it's doors, I can't get enough of searching out painted interior doors. All the doors in our home are white with the exception of the exterior of our front door, I painted it a plum color last summer to go with our brown stucco. I always think it's easier to give your exit door, or billig utgangsdør, a slightly different c[...]


18 Fresh Spring Wall Ideas

One of my new daily to do's has been to check out Hometalk. It's a home & garden website that connects you to thousands of ideas and bloggers from everywhere. I could spend hours browsing the projects that are posted to it!  Hometalk recently approached me about curating a board featuring Spring decor. Let me tell you, there are a TON of great and easy ideas out there for you! The best part? They aren't difficult projects, a lot of them already use items that you may have around your home. If you don't, then they definitely don't break the bank if you ne[...]


Stop & Smell the Flowers

One of my favorite ways to dress up our home is with fresh flowers....that I've grown from seed and picked from our abundance of flowerbeds. Ha! If only I had the time for that. I'm talking more like fresh from the bucket at the grocery store, that's  more my style! Priced anywhere between $2.99-$20.99 it's a pretty affordable option or else worthwhile splurge depending on how you look at it! Imagine how excited I was when I came across these nifty lids in the dollar section at Target (RIP Target Canada - still feel like I lost my bff). Super excited![...]


A Boy, his room….and Lego

Five, the age Tucker turned on Saturday. Ten, the amount of Lego sets he received as gifts. WHAAAAAT! The kid can't complain that he didn't receive what he asked for (and no, mom and dad did not get him any Lego was a joint effort between friends, uncles, and grandparents!). What does a kid do with all that Lego? Great question, we're still figuring that one out. Carter has a shelving unit in his room where he keeps all his 'Special' builds, then we have a huge green bin that is damn near overflowing with more Lego. Tucker was adamant that these new set[...]