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What’s up at our House – April Recap

I can't believe it's May already. I'm sitting here on the deck, the sun is shining, my shoulders are burning and the grass is getting greener by the day. This year is flying by and as Carter so excitedly reminded me, there is less than two months of school left. Sooooo, in an attempt to journal our everyday better and keep the fam up to date in one big breath, I'm starting a new series called... It'll be a monthly recap posted at the end of the month to keep you all updated on what the hell we do with our everyday! We started the month of with a bang wit[...]


Easter Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Easter Monday friends! How was your Easter weekend? Ours was pretty relaxed, no huge plans, no was pretty nice. Hockey is officially over for us, save for a wind up this week, so it was nice not having to juggle kids and rinks and equipment. Although there goes my weekend morning coffee dates! This was probably the craziest thing that went on this weekend.... The hockey hair got the chop! At the beginning of the year he told us he wanted hockey hair, which he called a "bullet". Once we figured out he actually meant MULLET, we fi[...]


What’s Up at Our Place

Hey guys! Popping in today to catch ya'll up on what's been happening around our household lately! With both boys playing hockey we average 2-3 practices per week & 3-4 games per weekend. We essentially live at the rink over the weekend and I personally run off a whole lotta caffeine just to make it through to supper time! Carter's team (go Icemen!) had a pretty dismal start to their season and raked up a few losses, but the past couple of weeks they've done a complete 180 and it's like watching a different team out there. Saturday they lost by one goal to[...]


The week that got away. 

I was so excited earlier in the week, I was finally feeling motivated to do some Halloween crafting. I picked up some odds & ends from Dollarama and was getting geared up to share this easy awesome craft with you today and then BOOM.  I lost my vehicle keys and the snowball effect occurred.   Ever have those weeks? The ones that make you want to pull out your hair and drink a bottle of wine?  This one took me a bit by surprise. I can usually judge how the week goes by how Monday morning turns out. Monday was good! In fact it was great! [...]


How to have a killer Garage Sale

I like to think that I'm pretty savvy when it comes to garage saling, I've inherited my grandma's nose for sniffing out a great deal before I can even see it. One of the things I've also learnt though through the past few years is how to have a killer garage sale! My favorite garage sale to go to is an organised one. Everything is laid out for you to see, you aren't having to sift through items to find anything. I'm the type of shopper that if I can't see it when I glance over it, I don't want it. I don't have the patience to dig through of box of what-nots[...]