Our Life


Loon Lake Loving

Hey, hey! How was your weekend? We just rolled in from a few days up at Makwa Lake Provincial Park, which is in Northwestern Sask and a couple hour drive from where we are. It's easily one of my favourite places to be.   How could it not be with a sky like that? That was our view Friday night while it rained.  Seriously. Beauty like that in the rain. #lovingit   We went up on Thursday and stayed until Sunday. Long enough to get some relaxation accomplished, short enough to not go stir crazy! Needless to say, no projects were accomplished this[...]


Here fishy fishy…

Ahhhh Friday. There's no better word that starts with an F & if you know me, you know that's only half true ha!  We spent the majority of the week out at our family cabin, fishing, relaxing & enjoying friends and family. The boys managed to convince Eric to fillet up some of the fish we caught & we cooked it up last night. It was pretty good for a dirty old jack fish! My aunt is visiting from Vancouver, so it was nice that she could join in our Canada Day fun! Here's a photo recap of our last few days. Have a great weekend!    &n[...]


Fathers Day Shenanigans

Hey, hey! How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting to celebrate the dads in your life?  We packed up the camper and headed out to our local Provincial Park to spend the weekend with some friends.   Ahhhh so peaceful looking right? Deceiving though, it was actually rainy and cloudy for the better part of Saturday. We were able to enjoy the park Saturday afternoon, as you can tell from the following photo...   Sunday we woke up to great weather and a ton of sunshine, perfect start to Fathers Day! After a gourmet meal of Cinn[...]


Mother’s Day

Mothers Day is always a super chill day for us. In past years we've trekked out to the family cabin at the lake and checked to see if all the ice is off the water, or we've gone fishing at the river or done what we did today, which was a whole lotta nothing! I have to admit, the whole lotta nothing part is my favourite. Our days are so busy with work and activities that it's so nice to not have plans for a day. Carter was awake, gift in hand at 8am ready to get things going! Tuck couldn't wait and had given me his gift on Friday when he came home from school[...]


30 things I learned in my 20’s

On Sunday I turned 30. 30 whole years. And you know, it's not as bad as I expected it to be when I was 20 thinking of being 30. Back then 30 was like this tiny spec in a very large horizon, a horizon that pretty much snuck up and smashed me in the face. Surprise it's your birthday! And you're 30! And you rocked your 20's (in my own opinion) so let's see what this big bad number has in store for you. So despite the crafty mood I've been in, you're getting a look at what I learned in the past decade as opposed to a how-to, #sorrynotsorry - haha! Here it is, 3[...]