Summer Fun Printable

Now that school is almost out and summer is just around the corner, I'd say it's time to switch up those printables in your frames! With what though, you ask? Well, hello! With one of these of course. I'm sharing a few of my Summer Fun idea's in this FREE printable. Check out the different color themes, print off your fave & ENJOY! Click HERE to download your FREE 8x10 Printable  Click HERE to download your FREE 8x10 Printable in Coastal Colors! Click HERE to download your FREE 8x10 Printable in Summer Colors!  [...]


A Mothers Day Freebie

Mothers Day has always been one of my more favorite days. We are so very lucky to have both my mom and Eric's mom living in the same city and so active in our little family's lives. Well, lucky most days...haha. Kidding mom, I could never get enough of having you around! As I was waiting for paint to dry on my dresser I decided to whip up some Mother's Day Printables (which is actually WAYYYY more exciting than watching paint dry). They are sized at 4x6 so that you can print off a couple per page and score them to fold & make a card. Just make sure that you[...]


Irish Blessing Printable

March is my birthday month, yes, I said it. BIRTHDAY. MONTH. No shame in wanting the whole month dedicated to yourself right? I feel that because I turn 30 this year I've earned it a month to celebrate, ha! If only St. Patrick's day didn't always steal my birthday month thunder. The day where green everything reigns & all us non-irish peeps secretly wished we were a little bit Irish in order to justify the love of green beer, pots of gold, and tiny little leprechaun's. Or maybe that's just me. What better way to get in the spirit then to have an Irish[...]


Choosing Joy

Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.       - Henri Nouwen I think I'm suffering from the wintertime blues. This is probably due to the fact that 4 days ago all the snow was melting and it almost felt like spring might be coming, then BOOM. Snow - again. Not just a little bit of snow, but  a whole hella lot of snow & chilling temps to go with. That'll teach me for jumping the spring gun. If you're suffering from the "why do I live in Saskatchewan where winter is a 6 month season" blues, then  you nee[...]


8 Free Valentines Card Printables for your girl

This is the first year we'll be dealing with more girl-geared valentines, HOLLA! It would be an understatement to say I'm excited, I mean girls are a little more into Valentine's Day, right? Little E is only 18 months but she's got a crew of friends at her dayhome already so we'll make it a point to send out some fun & girly valentines - I'll make sure she contributes with a scribble. Here's a roundup of some fun & crafty DIY Valentines for the ladies of the house. Enjoy! Arrow Valentine Glowstick Friendship Bracelet You're a star Air Mail Tic Tac[...]