Printable Tic Tac Toe Valentine

Hey hey friends! Are you gearing up for Valentines Day yet? I'm ready for some sweet treats, which is how these Berry Cherry Tic Tac's made it to the checkout counter when I was out and about. Although giving that someone special a pack of Tic Tac's would be fun in itself; why not challenge them to a sweet game of Tic Tac Toe while you're at it? My boys are big fans of this game, we play it on napkins at restaurants while waiting for our food ALL. THE. TIME. I'm thinking it's definitely going to be more fun to play with something enticing at stake, [...]


Hearts & Coffee – A Wreath Tutorial

I have this great relationship with coffee. It gets me, you know? It doesn't mind when I ignore it long enough to get cold & end up re-heating the same cup 4 times just so it can be finished. It understands, I have kids, sometimes it comes second. You know what plays a large part in a great cup of coffee? Filters. That's right, the perfect crafting material that you never knew you had. So here I am, 250 filters later and pink hands. All for the sake of a wreath. And decor. And what the hell, love too. Let me introduce you to a coffee filter wreath and in th[...]


Valentine Mantel

I finally finished my Valentines mantel, Holla!!(insert Missy Elliot voice). Speaking of which, how freaking AWESOME was it that Missy Elliot was part of the halftime show for the Superbowl?! I still can't get over it! Anyhow, here it is! This year I'm loving the whites, golds and soft pinks. Small changes, I put the clear jar holding the arrows into a white tin I found at IKEA ages ago to tie it in with the doily looking tins on the other side. I spray painted some deer and moose antlers a couple of years ago and then accented them with gold an[...]


DIY Paper Arrows

One of the main decor items I use when it comes to decorating our mantle are 3 wide mouth glass jars/jugs that I picked up at Wal Mart awhile ago. They are 3 different sizes & super versatile. I'm able to use them year round just by filling them with items that go with the different seasons.  Over the summer they're usually full of sea glass & summery things. For fall and Halloween they're full of mini pumpkins, gourds & black and orange glass balls. Christmas brought strands of lights that made everything twinkle, gold steel brush trees & other[...]


Easy DIY Valentines Rounds

Back in September we were celebrating my MIL's birthday. As a "gift" to her, we (on a whim) decided to slaughter the apple tree in their backyard. It was due time. The poor thing was just not pretty anymore. There were some thicker branches coming down, so I  had Eric cut me 5 rounds (at about 3/4" thick) off of one of them. They were then brought home with the intentions of making Christmas decorations. That didn't really happen. Fast forward 4 months and here we are now with some awesome dried out wooden rounds, cost: $0. Chandra = winning. Thank you.[...]