Quick & Easy Playdough

Best Playdough Ever

It's a bold claim, but it's true. This IS the best playdough you'll make! We've had a few dreary, rainy days lately and although I could lay in bed all day with a book and a hot cup of coffee, I have kids who can't. I hate to mislead you though, I can't actually remember the last time I lazed about like that! Read a book? What is that? We've started to limit the amount of screen time that's been happening in the house lately & with that comes chorus' of "I'm bored" & "there's nothing to do". It's as though they don't know what a yard, or a book[...]


Summer Fun: How to Make Sponge Balls

Make these DIY Sponge Balls for some backyard summer fun!

This weekend was a beauty one! The weather was hot, the sun was shining & the rain clouds stayed at bay. I don't want to jinx it but I think summer is rolling on in to stay. What is the best thing to do when its hot outside? I mean other than sitting at the lake with a drink in hand. Two words. WATER. FIGHTS. There is nothing that beats a good old water fight on a hot summer day. But what do you do when you don't have enough water guns to go around?  You make sponge balls! These cost me a whopping $2.50 to make and took 10 minutes[...]


Shower Bombs for Allergy Relief

DIY Shower Bombs for Allergy Relief

These past few weeks I feel as though I've been dying a slow death. All the snow has melted and the snow mold is strong. With that my sinuses and allergies completed EXPLODED. I've been a heavy breathing, steady wheezing, snot nosed beauty as of late. Super attractive I'm telling you. Joking aside, I have truly felt awful. In fact, I think this is the worst I've ever felt with my allergies and sinuses. I did as much research as I could. From looking at the service pages of minneapolis air duct cleaning providers to asking for reliable solutions from my close ci[...]


Painted Flamingo Easter Eggs 

Handpainted Flamingo Easter Eggs

Hello lovelies! The sun has been shining and all the snow is melted in our area of the world (I think!). It rained over the past weekend and it was so refreshing. I love the smell of rain, especially the feeling of freshness that it brings. The good weather hasgiven me some motivation & I've been slowly changing up my décor around the home to give a more spring like feel to it. With that being said, I managed to dig out our box of Easter decorations. As I was sifting through items I found some dye-able plastic Easter eggs that I had picked up at[...]


Magnet Board to Game Board – Week 3 Update

How to turn a chalkboard into a hockey game board

**This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure HERE** Hey hey! How is it already Friday? I'm late with an update on our room makeover this week. It's been a hectic week of work, hockey, lacrosse, patching, sanding, patching again, priming, patching, more priming, choosing paint... the struggle is real. Tuck wanted dark blue "like our bathroom door" for his room. To find some inspiration I scrolled through Benjamin Moore's Instagram feed and checked out all the different dark blue rooms it featured. So much inspiration! Tucker's room f[...]