A Bit About Me


Hey there! I’m Chandra, also known simply as Chan.

This is my family.


I live my life in the middle of the Canadian Prairies, as you can tell by our typical Harvest themed family photo. Do not be deceived by how lovely the weather looks in the photo, 6 months of bone freezing cold is the norm around these parts. By day (well at least 8-5) I work as an Insurance Adjuster and I spend the remaining 16 hours being mom, Mom, MOMMY! to 3 outgoing, noise loving children aged 9, 5 & almost 2. Our lives are dominated by hockey, football, soccer, swimming….you get the idea. If there’s a sport to play we’re pretty much involved in it. We go from living the lake life to freezing inside an arena. This would explain the coffee addiction, you can’t get through 3 hours at the rink at 7:30am without a few strong cups!


My loving partner in crime and fellow chauffeur is Eric. He is a closet crafter (although he’ll tell you differently). He’s a welder by trade and let me tell you, that man can make anything! He used to work on the road often so it was quite easy to make changes around the home to “surprise” him with. I swear it was like Christmas once a month at our house for him! Welcome home honey, I painted the kitchen! The past few months he’s been working close to home so he’s able to be home every night. Although this is great for the family it’s really hard to pull off some home surprises when he gets home an hour later from work than I do. I can usually convince him into some sort of crazy idea, although it does take quite a bit of convincing at times!

This past January I decided that I would take the leap into the blogosphere and start blogging about all the projects we do around our home to share with our friends, family & YOU. There is always a project happening at our place and I absolutely LOVE to create & craft. It’s my zen.

So pour yourself a cup and check the place out. Cheers to being inspired!


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  1. Saw your idea for the solar jar lights and thought it was pretty cute although they probably won’t get a charge hanging all day in the tree in the shade. I live in Central Florida so those would be a great idea although the only tree I have right now is a palm tree!

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