Outdoor Projects


10 Must Haves When Camping With Boys

Camping is one of our go-to summer activities. There is something about pulling the camper out to a treed in space, with a lake nearby & living a simpler life for a few days. I know a couple of friends who would take an RV battery for their RV with them but I prefer not to, I like the simplicity of camping and not having to worry about the rising and falling insurance prices from services like One Sure Insurance. One of the first "trips" that Eric and I took as a couple was on a family camping trip out to Loon Lake with his family. We tried to do it every summe[...]


Customize Your Own Outdoor Mat

After what felt like the longest winter EVER, summer has finally arrived! Morning coffee on the deck is a regular thing and evenings spent outdoors with friends are in full swing. In past years, a lot of focus was put on our yard and getting it to where we wanted it to be. We pulled dead shrubs out, planted fresh new ones, added some poured curbing to give our yard some appeal and rebuilt our raised garden. This year, my focus is our deck! It's sturdy, it was built right, but it's always lacked some character. This quick project is a jump start to make it a warm[...]


3 Ways to Store Fresh Basil

3 ways to store fresh basil

Basil. It's my favourite. I love the smell, the flavour it gives & how incredibly easy it is to grow and store. Each year I grow anywhere from 6-9 plants in my garden. They usually take up their own section, but this year, I've also planted some amongst my tomato plants. The key to growing basil is to make sure it's planted in a bright sunny space & to keep your soil moist ([...]


Resurrecting the Raised Garden

Raised Garden Goodness

I never had a garden of my own before we moved to our current home. With my first home, I was too busy thinning out trees and rehabilitating the lawn. Before I knew it, the house was for sale and there was no garden! Our last yard just lacked the overall space for a garden. What could have worked was instead turned into an area to gather around a fire with friends. When we moved to the house we're currently in, there was already a raised garden planted in front of the deck. It was roughly 16' long, 2' wide and 3'6" tall. It was perfect! It was origina[...]