Dream Big, Darlin’

Simple "Dream Big, Darlin'" Sign

On the topic of dreams.... I was hoping to tweak this post and have it up for you earlier today BUT, I was distracted by the fact that Garth Brooks tickets went on sale in our area and WE'RE GOING! Talk about a dream come true! I can hardly contain my excitement. Garth was the bff I had but never met throughout my childhood and teenage years.  It's going to be a steady stream of country music listening in our house from now 'til June 10th. Now, as I adjust the volume on "Callin' Baton Rouge" I have to say, WalMart has really started expanding their craft sect[...]


Sharpie Doodle Easter Eggs

Super Simple Sharpie Doodle Easter Eggs

Sharpie. Doodle. Sounds simple right? I'm all about simple. And mess free. Let's get real though, I have 3 kids. There's hardly such a thing as simple and mess free, it's either one or the other. For example, mornings. Does anyone else dread mornings? Simple = everyone wants Lucky Charms. Mess free? Yeah right, cereal is on the floor, rainbow marshmallows are in Ellie's hair and at least one kid has to change their clothes due to mistaking their shirt for a napkin. Decorating Easter eggs are much the same as my mornings, they may be simple but they are hard[...]


Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Printable

Infuse some Dr. Suess into your room with this free printable!

The first time I heard "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" was in Mrs. Krismer's grade 12 ELA class. I can't remember exactly what we were learning , but she brought the book in and read it to us, almost like a flashback to story time in kindergarten. It stuck with us, so much so. that it even found it's way into our farewell speech at grad. It's a definite classic and a must have for any family book collection! I'm trying to fill the kids rooms with printables that inspire wonder and adventure and imagination and this was the perfect fit for just that. I opted[...]


DIY Kid’s Art Display

So this happened this weekend. My middle child loves being two things: mischevious & crafty. He's always up for a project and loves to color and paint and just make things. So I shouldn't have been surprised that when he entered pre-k this year his go to activity was the paint table. Sooooooooo many paintings have come home. With this child you can't look at the painting, say "Good job buddy!" and then put in the pile of forgotten things. He INSISTS that they are hung at home or else at work. He takes pride in them & they each have their own  stor[...]