Rose Gold Speckled Easter Egg

Speckled Easter Eggs

We are halfway through March & Spring fever is starting to set in in our household! I am so ready to say goodbye to all the snow. I do enjoy winter for the most part, but holy man, does it ever draaaaaag ooooooon. With Easter right around the corner, we are slowly starting to pull out some decor and put our Easter clings on the windows. The kids are in full brainstorm mode for how they want to decorate their eggs this year. I managed to get a head start on egg decorating and want to share these easy speckled Easter eggs with you! If you haven't already d[...]


Make Your Own Fluid Art Magnets

Learn how to make your own fluid art magnets

Hey friends! Popping in today to share a quick craft with you! A few weeks back, I tried my hand at 'Fluid Art'. If you haven't already heard of it, fluid art is the art of acrylic paint pouring. You pour different colors of thinned out acrylic paint onto a canvas and tilt it around to make designs. There are different pouring techniques you can use to get different effects, along with different mediums that you can add to your paint in order to enhance your design. So in the spirit of fluid art making, I made some fluid art magnets! To make your own,[...]


Painted Flamingo Easter Eggs 

Handpainted Flamingo Easter Eggs

Hello lovelies! The sun has been shining and all the snow is melted in our area of the world (I think!). It rained over the past weekend and it was so refreshing. I love the smell of rain, especially the feeling of freshness that it brings. The good weather hasgiven me some motivation & I've been slowly changing up my décor around the home to give a more spring like feel to it. With that being said, I managed to dig out our box of Easter decorations. As I was sifting through items I found some dye-able plastic Easter eggs that I had picked up at[...]


Hockey Printable & Frame Re-vamp

Eat. Sleep. Play Hockey. Printable

We are in the thick of hockey season here in Canada. January brings about an abundance of tournaments, travel, stinky hockey gear and memories galore for both of our boys. Schedules get juggled, meals are constantly being eaten on the way to one rink or another, & I constantly wonder whether I'm in the midst of losing my mind, or whether I've already lost it! Our home is filled with rather heated debates at times over which NHL is the most superior (Canadians for Carter, every other team for Tucker). We even try to increase the excitement by placing little wage[...]


DIY Scalloped Christmas Ornaments 

DIY Gold Scalloped Christmas Ornaments

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... the trees are up (yes trees, yay!), the lights are sparkling and everything feels so cozy. All the decorating has me wanting to create and craft. ALL. THE. TIME. Is there such thing as too many decorations & ornaments? I think not. The W Network (which would be the equivalent to the Hallmark Channel) has been airing a steady stream of sappy, feel good movies and I am lapping it up. I don't care that they all end the same or generally have an unrealistic storyline, the leading men in each story is a gift from Santa[...]