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Modern Entryway Nook

If you've ever questioned the power of paint, wait until you see how we transformed our closet into a modern style entry nook! If you've been following me on Pinterest, you'll notice that I've been loving ALL the black walls. When I decided to give our front closet nook a makeover, it was a no brainer as to what color would be on my roller. We converted this closet into a sitting nook shortly after we moved into this house. It's proved to be way more functional for us. Our guest have a spot to sit to put their shoes and boots on, and its the perfect space to[...]


Ellie’s Light & Airy Bedroom Makeover

I'm so excited to be sharing Ellie's room with you guys today! It was a long labour of love due to my indecisiveness and the fact that I distract easily by other projects. So now that I have 371 projects on the go, I figured it's about time some of them get finished. I can now cross number 184 (Ellie's room) off the list. High fives all around!! Awhile ago I made a mood board to help give me some idea's on what I wanted to do with her room. Although I strayed a bit from my original idea, I managed to pull off the light and airy feel that I was ultimately aiming[...]


Spring Decor Tips

Spring Decor Tips & Tricks

I was hoping to have this post up earlier for you guys, but holy Dinah, I was hit with the flu. Literally hit, knocked down, had to crawl to the bathroom hit. It was beyond brutal and I'm so thankful it only lasted the day. I don't think my frail old body could take more than a day haha! I've been slowly unearthing our Spring decor. I feel as though I may jinx our nice weather if I bring it out all at once. This year I've totally kiboshed the St. Patty's decor and the Easter stuff is still sitting in its bin downstairs. Here's to hoping some of it makes it's wa[...]


From Old Frame to New Chalkboard

So, not sure about you guys but we had quite an eventful weekend! We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to news that our neighbourhood was hit by vandals (aka little pukes) and then to the further discovery that Eric's truck was stolen. It was all kinds of awesomeness. Puke. Thankfully we're insured through a pretty great company (haha) and they found the damn thing stuck in an alley on the other side of town that same evening. It was probably the worlds longest 12 hours of both of our lives. Sunday was spent searching the area the truck was found for[...]