Room Reveal


$100 Room Challenge – Week One: The Chosen One

Hey all! Well we're starting March off with a bang and a fun announcement! Erin from Lemons Lavender and Laundry is hosting a $100 Room Challenge & I'm joining in along with some other really amazing bloggers. In one month, each one of us will be giving a space in our homes a makeover for only $100. That's it, $100. No more (I hope) and no less. If I ever thought I could stretch a dollar before, then is will definitely be the test! Each Wednesday we'll post our room progress, until the big reveal day on the last Wednesday of the month! Tucker's been asking[...]


Ellie’s Light & Airy Bedroom Makeover

I'm so excited to be sharing Ellie's room with you guys today! It was a long labour of love due to my indecisiveness and the fact that I distract easily by other projects. So now that I have 371 projects on the go, I figured it's about time some of them get finished. I can now cross number 184 (Ellie's room) off the list. High fives all around!! Awhile ago I made a mood board to help give me some idea's on what I wanted to do with her room. Although I strayed a bit from my original idea, I managed to pull off the light and airy feel that I was ultimately aiming[...]


Light & Airy Mood Board Inspiration

Happy Friday friends! When you decide that you're going to give a space a do-over, do you sit and think through what the want the end result to be? Or do you just jump in head first and go where each day takes you? I'm a little bit of both, I have a vague idea of what I'm going for, then it turns into a trial and error adventure until I'm completed frustrated & super happy. I'll have to admit, this isn't exactly the best approach for me....or anyone! Oftentimes I find myself stuck with the way things are progressing. This is what actually happened with[...]


When teal goes bad – A Bathroom Makeover Story

Sometimes, good paint choices go bad. They really, really do. I've always loved the look of a deep teal color and knew that I would one day have a room in this color. Well, the first room I painted in our home was our main floor bathroom & it was painted deep teal. At first thought I KNEW this would be the perfect space for it. It wasn't a large room, you could easily close the door if it was too much and who didn't want to do their business in a dark brooding room? There were three HUGE problems with this choice. Number one was that the color did not in an[...]


The Evolution of a Closet

Spring always seems to get me in the mood to make some changes around the house. Rooms get painted, projects get underway & we temporarily live in chaos (well, more so than normal) but do I ever love the outcome! One of the first projects we did when we moved into our home was to convert our front entry closet into a more useable space, not just for us but for our guests as well. For the first few months the front entry closet acted as the hideaway for the boxes we had yet to unpack. We mainly use the entrance from our garage that enters into our laundry ar[...]