Coffee Talk : 21|03

Where does a person even start? What an unbelievably overwhelming week this has been. Mild hysteria and common sense have been feuding non stop in my head since late last week and I'm not sure when it will stop. To wake up each morning and not know what news the day will bring, or what change will happen, is frightening. I know so many of you are feeling the same thing and I[...]


DIY Coffee Cup Rack

DIY Coffee Mug Rack

A cup of coffee at 7pm is not an entirely wise idea. You could argue though that it sometimes leads to fun things, like this DIY Coffee Cup Rack! That was the case the other night, an evening coffee lead me to being wide awake and ready to build something at 9pm. What better item to build than a coffee cup rack? This project was very simple and I was able to use some wood that I alr[...]


Planked Walls – The Easy Way

Planked walls. You either love them or you hate them. Its a trend that's divided the internet and right when you think it may be making its way out the door, BOOM! Someone goes and paints it black, bringing it right back to the forefront of design. If you follow along with my home adventures on Instagram, you'll remember that I was having problems with a wall in my home. It was this wall[...]