“So I’m gonna start a blog…”

That’s how this evening’s conversation went with the bf aka: my other half.

“What is a blog?” This coming from the guy who in recent weeks has just discovered Facebook and is now obsessed with the numerous buy & sell pages it has to offer. Can’t say I was surprised.

And although the conversation was brief and not productive in the least, it lit the fire. The, I think I’ll start a blog fire, that is.

So here it is & here I am. The blog about everything & nothing. I have been trying to read up on what makes a good blogger and how I can make the experience enjoyable for me and obviously the readers, who will hopefully be interested in my content. I even looked for photography tips from websites like funktrunkchicago.com! All blogs I have seen have flawless photographs and I thought it would make it look so much better, although I’m still a beginner so go easy on me, please!

I’m Chandra otherwise known as Chan. I’m a mom of 3 who will be knocking on 30’s door in a few short months. I’m cool with this, really I am. I may just need to drink my weight in Jacob’s Creek Moscato to get through the day, but it’s all good. I have supportive friends who will be at my side to help me through.

So stick around & enjoy witnessing how we DIY our way through life & our home. All the while trying to maintain some form of sanity through this crazy, #blessed, life.

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