Dye-less Easter Eggs

Hey, hey! Long time no talk peeps. The past couple of weeks have been crazy busy, CRAZY. And it’s nowhere near stopping either. We’ve celebrated so many birthday’s, hockey wind-ups, & family functions over the past few days that Monday was almost a welcome thing. Almost.

Guess what? I turned 30 yesterday, whaaaat?! I know! CRAZY (favorite word this post). More about that in another post though. Carter turns 9 on Saturday and then Sunday we celebrate Easter.

One of our favorite things to do is decorating eggs. We usually buy the kits and do variations of all the colors provided, but there are so many more egg decorating options if you just look outside the box. If you’re tired of the mess that goes along with using dye check out these easy, just as messy eggs!


Have you seen these eggs around this season? They are plastic and dye-able and pretty awesome in my opinion & at only $2 for a dozen? Fill my cart up please.

eggs3Remember that awesome Krylon spray paint I found in my travels a couple of weeks ago? I finally got a chance to use it. I took a few of the eggs and gave them a couple of coats of Sea Glass spray paint.

eggsOnce they had dried up I took some Martha Stewart craft paint in white linen and painted on some random designs to each egg.

eggs2eggYou can sit down and hammer these bad boys out in half an hour tops! Switch up your colors and designs and set them out as a centerpiece for that Easter dinner you’re gonna host – Or is that just me? There are so many different ways to decorate eggs other than the traditional way, have you tried any new ones lately?


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