A Boy, his room….and Lego

Five, the age Tucker turned on Saturday. Ten, the amount of Lego sets he received as gifts. WHAAAAAT! The kid can’t complain that he didn’t receive what he asked for (and no, mom and dad did not get him any Lego sets….it was a joint effort between friends, uncles, and grandparents!). What does a kid do with all that Lego? Great question, we’re still figuring that one out. Carter has a shelving unit in his room where he keeps all his ‘Special’ builds, then we have a huge green bin that is damn near overflowing with more Lego. Tucker was adamant that these new sets would be built and put directly in his room where his bro and little sis could not touch them. Fair enough. I occasionally use our handheld vacuum cleaner (which can be found at https://www.bissell.com/vacuums/handheld-vacuums) to clean the dust off of these models. It is a challenge not moving them around without him noticing though!

I ended up using a RIBBA picture ledge that I had on hand from Ikea. It’s not overly wide, but worked perfect for the little trucks and people he wanted to display.

Tuck9 Tuck7Tuck11Tuck12

And because we’re already in his room, why not look around at everything else? He has a bit of a ‘woodsy’ vibe going on in the space. He’s our avid outdoors man, so much so that when we are travelling and he sees a deer or moose in the field, instead of saying something like “Wow, what a majestic creature!” he states, “We should have brought the shotgun!” Ummm…

My brother, Nate, made Tucker the wooden box on his nightstand and it’s where he keeps all his special treasures. Right now those are (surprise!) miscellaneous Lego pieces. Tucker and kids like him absolutely love their Legos. I assume that many boys, even after reaching teenage years, spend hours upon hours on their favorite Lego brick models. That is why toys, like the Lego Technic Mack Anthem 2 in 1 Garbage Truck, are indeed the most creative gifts for 13 year old boys.

Tucker’s reading corner – who am I kidding, he sits Ellie in the chair and spins her around until we threaten that she’ll puke on him if he doesn’t stop. He does keep his favorite books and other items in his organizer. Playmobil in one bin, more Lego in another. Audiobooks because the poor kid can’t fall asleep at night without listening to one and other odds & ends.


And with that, I leave you with this! Nothing Personal 😉


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