Flowerpot Centerpiece

Every year I get a little stumped around Mother’s Day. Why? Well, what do you get the woman who already has EVERYTHING?!! And if she doesn’t have it, she knows a crafty way to make it. It seriously becomes a challenge and then every year we end up getting her something like flowers or a bird feeder or some type of yard something.

Rewind back to a month before Mother’s Day when I first started to brainstorm gift ideas & then fast forward to the day before mothers Day when I still had nothing. Frick.

Drawing inspiration from the super cute homemade gift Tuck gave me, I decided to go back to my own grade school roots and make my mom a gift.  I had picked up this wooden bottle carrier at HomeSense ages ago. I’m not entirely sure what my intentions were with the purchase of it other than thinking “I really like you & your color”. Impulse buys – ever have that problem? Fortunately it seems to hit me more often than not….or maybe that’s unfortunately.

I cut the handle off with the table saw and sanded down the edge down smooth. Flipping the box over so that the top faced down I measured out and drew on 3 circles that I needed cut out. I made sure to space them evenly and used the spacers on the inside as guides. I drilled a large hole through the middle of each hole and then used the jigsaw to cut out the full circle. I made sure the circles were cut just large enough for the ledge of a small pot to sit.


I taped off the chalkboard portion and applied 2 coats of Annie Sloane Chalk Paint in Provençe (can you tell it’s my fave color?!) over top the yellow. Once that dried, I brushed on some stain also named Provençe. After letting it sit a bit I wiped it off, giving the box a bit of a muddy look. Once it dried up some more I took a sanding block and sanded down around the edges and to give it a more distressed look and to let some of the yellow show through. I sealed it with some Annie Sloan soft wax and called it a day. Well box wise at least, ha!


I had 3 small terracotta pots already on hand, so I took them, spray painted the edges gold and them planted a couple of succulents and a flower in them.  I dropped the pots in the holes, added a totally unique message to the chalkboard (hahaha) and was done!


The best part is that the pots can be switched out to accommodate what you wish, if you’re hosting a BBQ you can use the pots to hold utensils or condiments!

  • Patty
    May 15

    And I love it! Thanks for the creativity!

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