Mother’s Day

Mothers Day is always a super chill day for us. In past years we’ve trekked out to the family cabin at the lake and checked to see if all the ice is off the water, or we’ve gone fishing at the river or done what we did today, which was a whole lotta nothing!

I have to admit, the whole lotta nothing part is my favourite. Our days are so busy with work and activities that it’s so nice to not have plans for a day.

Carter was awake, gift in hand at 8am ready to get things going! Tuck couldn’t wait and had given me his gift on Friday when he came home from school & then was disappointed that Carter gave a cooler gift because his flower was real and Tucker’s wasn’t. Poor kid, we finally convinced him that they were both super awesome and I couldn’t have wanted anything better! He’s such a sensitive soul.

Homemade gifts really are the best!

The rest of the day was spent flower & shrub shopping (Eric’s & Ellie’s gift to me) and visiting with fam. I’m so very lucky to have my mom and my mother in law minutes from our home. Pretty sure if we ever had to move I’d have to pack one of them up and build a MIL suite onto the house, hahaha, we’re just slightly dependant on them!

My mom gave me the sweetest gift. She made me a necklace out of some keys off of my late grandpas keychain and stamped the words “#Blessed” “Create” & “Imagine” into them. Honestly, she’s such an amazing person.

When your day starts with handmade gifts and ends with Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream then you know it’s been a good one!

Happy Mom’s Day!


  • Rachele
    May 13

    Nice! you truly are blessed!

  • Jody
    May 13

    All those smiling faces surely make you blessed. Absolutely beautiful.

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