Rustic Arrow Sign

This may come as a surprise to you, but I’m going through an arrow phase. Weird right? I LOVE them as a decor element, maybe it’s their simplicity or maybe I’m just caught up in a trend. Or perhaps it’s because my days seem so disorganized and crazy lately that any kind of direction is welcome and if the arrow points left, then I’m going left! 

May & June are our busiest months of the year, which is shocking considering we live, breathe & puke hockey (nice visual, eh?) close to 6 months of the year. So when things are crazy busy I need an outlet, so I whipped up these super simple rustic looking arrows! 

Dudes, this is the easiest tutorial you’ll come across. Check it out. 

You’ll need:

  • Piece of barn board
  • Paint – I used DecorArt Chalky Finish in Everlasting (white) 
  • A paint brush


We keep a stack of old bar board in the garage, so I was able to take a longer piece and cut it in two lengths, just over 2′ each.

 Now pay attention, this could get tricky. Paint an arrow on your board. Did you catch that? It’s so simple, you may have missed it. Just paint an arrow! It doesn’t have to be perfect and have straight edges and be completely symmetrical, it’s charm is in the imperfection. Besides, who likes colouring in the lines anyway? 


It really doesn’t get any easier than that! What about you? What’s your tool to unwind?   

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