Loon Lake Loving

Hey, hey! How was your weekend? We just rolled in from a few days up at Makwa Lake Provincial Park, which is in Northwestern Sask and a couple hour drive from where we are. It’s easily one of my favourite places to be.  

How could it not be with a sky like that? That was our view Friday night while it rained.  Seriously. Beauty like that in the rain. #lovingit 

 We went up on Thursday and stayed until Sunday. Long enough to get some relaxation accomplished, short enough to not go stir crazy! Needless to say, no projects were accomplished this weekend, unless you count stained hands due to Saskatoon berry picking!  


That is a task in itself, especially with the amount of bloody bugs that were around! Oh, and the fact that I had to fight some kids off at the park when I discovered a bush right next to the playground, ?. Despite it all, I came away with an impressive amount of berries so be prepared for yummy recipes to pop up in the next couple of weeks!  

Have you ever seen a tree ravaged by a beaver, yet still standing? There’s a whole bunch of them near Jumbo Beach, right before you go into the park. They’ve all been eaten away until a certain point and then chopped down.  These aren’t small trees. I’m talking 30′ tall trees! 

Our days were spent at the beach and our evenings by the fire eating s’mores and playing dice. It really doesn’t get much better than that! 



 We usually hit up the ice cream shop on our way home, because nothing beats ice cream after a few days at the lake, am I right or what?!  Here I thought it would be a prime time for a family selfie, everyone’s relaxed, bellies are full of ice cream, what could go wrong?  


Besides the bad lake hair, can you see what went wrong?! 

  • Monica
    Jul 28

    Looks like a super weekend! Is that a bee Tuck is spotting?

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