Summer Mantle

So now that summer is well under way, what better time to share our summer mantle that was slightly overlooked!

I tend to lean more towards a beachy vibe with my summer decor, lots of shells, sea glass and bottles in general. You can add a lot without it looking too cluttered and in your face. If I had a summer cottage near the sea I can imagine my whole home would have this vibe to it year round. Can’t go wrong with light, breezy and beachy!

SummerMantleSummerMantle1I picked the mirror up at HomeSense awhile ago, with the intention of using it in Carter’s Nautical themed room. Needless to say, it never made it there! The shells and antler’s were found on trips to the ocean and farm yard respectively. The little blue bottles were a recent find from last weekend at the farm. I think they were old medicine bottles at one point in time.

SummerMantle6SummerMantle4SummerMantle2I love these old jars. They too were farm finds. I don’t know what the correct name for them is, or what they stored once upon a time but I could collect a whole room of them if I could! I found the awesome galvanized letters at Michael’s and wish I could have been more creative with my wording choice, but the letters were super picked over already. Sadly I don’t make it to Michael’s nearly as often as I would like!

SummerMantle8 SummerMantle7Beachy Decor, flowers from the yard & a warm summer breeze. It doesn’t get much better than that now, does it?



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