Pumpkin Jar Lanterns

Did you catch the blood moon last night? So. Incredibly. Cool.

When I told the boys to come out and look at the eclipse, Carter said he thought it was called the Apocalypse. Ummmm, haha, sorry buddy wrong ‘ipse’!

The kids picked some pumpkins last week at grandma & poppa’s house and they are pretty epic in size! Typically we carve them the week of Halloween so that they don’t get all soft and old-looking on us. Not sure about you, but I love the flicker of the tea light and the glow that jack-o-lanterns give off in the evening. Why not re-create it sooner using some odds and ends you may already have on hand?

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You’ll need:

I put a few drops of paint inside the jars and using a brush spread it around making sure the entire area was covered. Once it’s covered set the jar aside to dry.

Using the spray paint or craft paint, paint your lids green and let them dry.

Take your sharpie and draw a pumpkin face on the front of your jar. Once the inside of the jar is dry, turn your flameless candle on and drop it in your jar. Secure your lid and place anywhere for a little bit of ambience…or spookiness!

If you are wanting a less streaky look to the jar, you could paint a couple of more coats inside your jar.
PumpkinJar4 PumpkinJar3PumpkinJar33

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