The week that got away. 

I was so excited earlier in the week, I was finally feeling motivated to do some Halloween crafting. I picked up some odds & ends from Dollarama and was getting geared up to share this easy awesome craft with you today and then BOOM. 

I lost my vehicle keys and the snowball effect occurred.  

Ever have those weeks? The ones that make you want to pull out your hair and drink a bottle of wine? 

This one took me a bit by surprise. I can usually judge how the week goes by how Monday morning turns out. Monday was good! In fact it was great! 

Tuesday….not so much. I have the tendency to lock my keys in my vehicle and over the summer I managed to lose my second set. 
Thumbs down. Way down. 

I now have the habit of getting out of my vehicle, putting my keys in my pocket, double checking my pocket before I lock the vehicle up and then hanging them in the house. Well, Wednesday morning the keys are gone. 

No problem, I’ll take the truck. 

We’re running late. 

There’s a staff lunch that I offered to bake dessert for and make a salad to eat. Not a problem. 

Halfway to work I realize I forgot the food on the counter at home. 

I coach our local high school soccer team & we had a game set for 3 that day. I was pumped, it was the season opener, we have a promising team (we’re essentially re-building this year) and we were gonna WIN! 

Well, the game was cancelled. 

Thursday arrives, still no keys. Ellie, where are the keys? 

I d’kno momma. Sigh. 

I have practice to run at 4, Carter has football at 6. Wait. Why does Carter have football the same day there’s soccer? 

Football is Wednesday at 6. Frick. We missed it. Is it Friday yet? 

Still no keys. At least I’m saving on our weekly gas bill (glass half full, right?). 

Oh and did I mention that the majority of the supplies I needed for that awesome Halloween craft are sitting in the bag on the front seat of my vehicle? 

Cross your fingers for me. Replacing the keys to the vehicle is not going to be cheap.

High fives to a better week next week. 

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