Light & Airy Mood Board Inspiration

Happy Friday friends!

When you decide that you’re going to give a space a do-over, do you sit and think through what the want the end result to be? Or do you just jump in head first and go where each day takes you?

I’m a little bit of both, I have a vague idea of what I’m going for, then it turns into a trial and error adventure until I’m completed frustrated & super happy. I’ll have to admit, this isn’t exactly the best approach for me….or anyone! Oftentimes I find myself stuck with the way things are progressing. This is what actually happened with our bathroom, so I vowed to myself that the next room project would not be done without a plan.

Well, I did it! I have a plan! A mood board to be exact.

Ellie's Mood Board

It’s for Ellie’s room & she’s 2 and a half. We’re tossing the idea of transitioning her from her crib to a big kid bed before Christmas arrives. Her crib transitions to a toddler bed, so that’s what she’s been sleeping in for the past few months. She’s been doing awesome with it and in a weeks time, gets out of bed maybe once. That’s a win for this mom! So we figured it’s time to make the double bed dive. Why a double? Because her crib also converts into a headboard and foot board, so why not?

I want to keep things light and airy in her room, a place she can really relax, which sounds odd considering she’s only 2. My boys are like that though, they head to their room for some downtime and you can tell they feel so chill and relaxed. Ellie’s seriously part energizer bunny  & she is constantly on the go, so she definitely needs a space to unwind!

I’m hoping to try my hand at some board and batten on the walls, painted a nice glossy white (well maybe not too too glossy) and then accenting the space with some mint and violet. I completely fell in love with this duvet cover (pictured) from Pottery Barn kids & it may have played a part in the accent color choices!

I’m hoping to spend as little as I can and to re-use and re-purpose as much as possible. Little cost, large impact!

Wish me luck!



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