5 Inspiring Girls Rooms

Not sure about you, but we’ve started 2016 off with a bang! Home re-do/reno bang that is. For the past couple of years (yes, years) we’ve wanted to replace our baseboards, they were getting pretty beat up and it was more than a coat of paint could fix.

I have to admit that painting baseboards is my LEAST favorite thing to do, ugh. Seriously, I would rather clean toilets. But someone had to do the dirty work and it was this girl. I was so excited once they were installed until I looked up and noticed how blah the trim around the windows and doors were. I tried to convince Eric that it would be easier to just replace them, but that argument lost out pretty quickly and before I knew it I was taping off what seemed like a crazy amount of door and window trim. Painful…so, so painful. 3 coats of bright glossy white though made it all worth it!

Needless to say painting the trim kick started my need to paint something else.

Oh, hey Ellie! Your room has been sitting patched and spot primed for 2 months? Sure, I’d love to finish it up. I mean, my initial intention was to have this project done prior to Christmas but now we’ll aim for Easter. What started as painting the walls though, has now turned into a full makeover. Furniture is getting painted, new prints are being found to hang, bedding is being searched out, we’re going all out over here! I’m so excited to finish it up and share it with you guys next week! 

Need a teaser though? Thought you would! 

The inspiration for her room came through some extensive & intense Pinterest searching and I’d be crazy not to share these next 5 rooms with you. They are so creative, fun & well put together that it almost makes me wish I was a kid again…almost!


That patterned wall. Enough said. Would you believe me if I tell you that it’s not wallpaper but hand painted?! LOVE IT. You can find more details over at Design Loves Detail .


Love the color combo put together by the ladies over at Fancy Farm Girls. This space is fun and welcoming!


Talk about a great space to lay back and unwind. I’m a sucker for white with pops of color here and there so this room at Naptime Decorator  is right up my alley. I would have a hard time wanting to leave!


Pretty Providence really hit the nail on the head with her emsemble of color, pattern and texture in this room. I love the vibe in this room.


Are you starting to see a common theme for me? Pink paired with gold will never fail. This room is the perfect balance of both and looks so fun. You can find more photo’s over at 11 Magnolia Lane !

Excuse me now while I go out and hoard any and all gold vinyl dots. 

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