What’s Up at Our Place

Hey guys! Popping in today to catch ya’ll up on what’s been happening around our household lately!

With both boys playing hockey¬†we average 2-3 practices per week & 3-4 games per weekend. We essentially live at the rink over the weekend and I personally run off a whole lotta caffeine just to make it through to supper time! Carter’s team (go Icemen!) had a pretty dismal start to their season and raked up a few losses, but the past couple of weeks they’ve done a complete 180 and it’s like watching a different team out there. Saturday they lost by one goal to a team that normally blows them out of the water & Sunday, they tied against a team they usually lose to aswell. The Sunday game was all Carter and Eric could talk about when we got home. I’m going to dub this part “the goal that never was”.

I’ll set the scene:

3rd period.

Tie game 5-5.

30 seconds left on the clock.

Carter gets the breakaway and the crowd is on their feet and going wild! We may just win this one!

He takes the shot.

No goal.

Fight for the rebound, but alas, a goal was not meant to be.

At the ripe old age of 9 & 3/4, it was like his career was over. Midway through lunch he puts his sandwich down and says, “I can’t believe I missed that goal mom! Argh!”

30 minutes later I hear Eric laughing from the couch “Carter, I can’t believe you missed that shot buddy!” To which Carter responds “I know dad! I already feel bad about, quit bringing it up!”

All bloody day, they couldn’t get over the goal that never was. They were laughing each time they brought it up so I don’t think the kid was too crushed about it, but I can guarantee he’ll probably get that goal next time!


Nothing a little backyard skating practice can’t fix.

The weather in these parts have been incredibly warm lately which makes for playing outside incredibly enticing. For Valentine’s Day we had my dad and grams over for supper and then got together with our neighbours and some friends and went tobogganing with all the kids. GT races were on full throttle and only a couple of casualties were suffered. Sledding in the dark, on an unknown hill is quite the experience. The slope looks level until you’re flying off your sled in a less than graceful manner.


This kid loves being outside so much, even when the cold snow is falling on her face!


We’ve had two fires in a matter of 3 days and the only thing better than a warm winter fire is a campfire at the lake!

I’ve been purging the house of kids toys and clothing for a big sale we have coming up in the community this weekend. It’s been…interesting.

This kid is such pack rat. Pretty sure he keeps every rock he finds, every paper he writes on, and every wrapper from every granola bar he’s ever eaten. No exaggeration. Needless to say, the rest of my week will be consumed navigating messes like this until I can get rid of it!

What’s up in your neck of the woods?

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