Easter Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Easter Monday friends!

How was your Easter weekend? Ours was pretty relaxed, no huge plans, no travelling…it was pretty nice. Hockey is officially over for us, save for a wind up this week, so it was nice not having to juggle kids and rinks and equipment. Although there goes my weekend morning coffee dates!

This was probably the craziest thing that went on this weekend….


The hockey hair got the chop! At the beginning of the year he told us he wanted hockey hair, which he called a “bullet”. Once we figured out he actually meant MULLET, we figured what the hell, why not. It’s only hair. And if anyone can pull it off, it was this cutesy 5 year old. So all season long, he grew that damn hair. He was so proud when it hung out the back of his helmet and more often than not we were asked by parents if he wanted it that way. Umm…..do you honestly think my first choice of hairstyle would be a bloody mullet? I think not people. He kept saying he would cut it off after hockey was over and well, hockey is over. Bye bye hair, you will not be missed. I had forgotten what his forehead & neck looked like!

We had an early Easter brunch on friday as my bro and sis and law were in town with our nephew. There has to be a trick to getting kids to sit nice for a picture out there. Someone? Anyone?


Poor Jackson already knows he’s surrounded by crazies in this photo. It’s ok buddy, I’ve got your back. They really aren’t that bad once you sedate them with food and threaten to take away technology and make them actually PLAY with each other.

Eric was called back to work so he wasn’t home for Easter. Although it was a bummer that he had to miss out, we’re pretty grateful that he’s back at work. It was a long 4 months off for him (who are we kidding, for both of us) and we’re quite fortunate compared to some others that have been hit by the plunging oil market. Give and take right? Good old Facetime swooped in for the win Sunday morning though. I followed the kids with my iPhone as they hunted for eggs and found their baskets and Eric was able to watch it all through Facetime. The advantages of technology, right?


Ellie was deemed as the un-official basket holder while the boys searched high and low. I don’t think she was very impressed. Needless to say we’re all gonna be chocolate wasted this week. I thought I had done pretty good at hiding some of those eggs and figured it would take them awhile, but I swear kids are like vultures. They just KNOW. There’s no hiding chocolate in any form from a determined kid.

Our eggs didn’t get decorated until Easter day, which was totally fine with me. Egg decorating gives me anxiety. All I picture in my head is dye all over clothes, the stink of vinegar on skin, cracked eggs, tears, the impatience, ugh. All in all though, it went well. Ellie napped and the boys and I went to town. They didn’t want to do anything crazy, they’re pretty content with dipping eggs in dye which is fine by me! I was totally crushing over the colors some of the eggs came out as…


We managed to get a bit of a galaxy look to them with no effort at all! Wooo!

One of the local greenhouses was hosting a kids class on Easter day where the kids could pick their own pots and plant some flowers. So we headed over there in the afternoon and had some fun. The kids ended up planting a marigold, a petunia, a tomato, and a strawberry plant in their pots. Then they handed out some dishes with some colored rocks, gems and a ladybug in them to put in the soil to add some whimsy. It was pretty cool. When I had suggested it to Carter he wasn’t too keen on the idea and I quote “That sounds lame mom”. Um no, it’s not dude, plants are cool. He looks pretty into it, doesn’t he?

Easter4 Easter5

Now the true test will be to see who can keep their little fingers out of the soil while we keep the pots inside until the weather gets warm!

Hope your Easter was full of family, laughter and chocolate. If you’re like us and on spring break this week, enjoy!


  • Rachele Stewart
    Mar 28

    I particularly like Ellie’s flip flops!!

    • Chandra
      Rachele Stewart
      Mar 28

      I wondered if anyone would notice they are in the wrong feet! The Easter bunny brought them and she just had to have them on!

  • Ivory
    Apr 04

    What an adorable family you have. Love how well they work together.

    • Chandra
      Apr 05

      Thanks Ivory! They are a pretty sweet bunch!

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