Fresh Finds in the Living Room

As the seasons take a turn towards warmer weather, fresher air and all the beautiful glory that Spring bestows upon us, it’s hard not you want to freshen up your space! It’s usually this time of year that I get the itch to throw a new color on the wall, start changing the furniture around or look into some of the stair parts from Pear Stairs to freshen up the appearance of my home without breaking the bank. You slowly come out of hibernation and so does your decor, from cozy muted tones to brighter mood lifting pieces, it’s easy to reflect your mood around your home.

A few key finds help add warmth to our Living Room

One of the spaces in our home that always seems to be changing is our living room. It’s a work in progress that almost borders never-ending. I seem to spend hours browsing the internet for new pieces of furniture for the living room. It’s my favorite room in the house though! The only constant we have in the space is our sectional and although it was a bit of a splurge it was one of the best purchases we’ve made. I haven’t met a person who hasn’t wanted to fall asleep in its deep corner yet! It’s from Palliser and is the perfect shade of grey with the softest leather, it was a definite change from the black that we tend to gravitate towards when choosing leather sets. Our sitting chairs were garage sale finds that I initially painted a cream color and then re-upholstered in a blue toned gray with a lighter gray frame, and although I love the way they turned out, they were never meant to be a permanent fixture. Do you kind of see the pattern I’m fallen into here? I’ve traded in our boring black for 50 shades of grey…and not the spicy 50 shades either. I’ve been trying to force myself out of the ‘grey’ box and it’s proving harder than I thought! We even bought some living room spot lights and they make the room so much brighter! It’s great!

A few key finds help add warmth to our Living Room

In order from keeping the space from feeling too cold and impersonal I’ve been trying to add warmer tones to it. A quick trip to Wal Mart over my lunch break recently turned up a gold mine. With just a couple of purchases I was able to add some warmth to our living room without breaking the bank. This side table caught my eye because of its colorful simplicity. The turquoise matched well with the abundance of blues in our carpet and wasn’t overly in your face with its design while the wood tones matched well with our existing coffee table and showed a lot of character. It turned out to be a great addition as a side table, something we were lacking. And it’s not grey!!

A few key finds help add warmth to our Living Room
A few key finds help add warmth to our Living Room

Would you believe that sitting on the shelf right down the aisle from the side table were a stack of poufs just screaming to be bought? I know, I could hardly believe it myself. When the price check showed a price tag of $20 then I knew it was meant to be. A pouf is a versatile item to have in your living room, it can act as extra seating, a footstool, or a makeshift table if needed. Right now it’s a battle between a foot rest for myself and what Ellie splays herself across when she’s pulling her diva card.

A few key finds help add warmth to our Living Room

Bringing warmth with its soft blue and greige chevron pattern, it can sit tucked out of the way without making the space feel cluttered. My go to greenery are mainly succulents, only because I can ignore the crap out of them and they don’t get angry and needy like the kids do, haha! And when they are healthy they are so vibrant and cheery to look at and did I already mention they’re low maintenance? The ones on the coffee table are fake and some of the best fakes that I’ve ever seen. I purchased them from Pier 1 a few years ago when succulents first hit the scene. There’s some color slowly infusing itself into the space, but it’s been harder to step out of the box when you’re a creature of habit! I do need to look at shear delights, luxury wool rugs because the one I have now is a bit old.

A few key finds help add warmth to our Living Room A few key finds help add warmth to our Living Room

What kind of colors do you infuse into your home? Are you all about the neutrals or do you like random pops of color?

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