What’s up at our House – April Recap

I can’t believe it’s May already. I’m sitting here on the deck, the sun is shining, my shoulders are burning and the grass is getting greener by the day. This year is flying by and as Carter so excitedly reminded me, there is less than two months of school left. Sooooo, in an attempt to journal our everyday better and keep the fam up to date in one big breath, I’m starting a new series called…


It’ll be a monthly recap posted at the end of the month to keep you all updated on what the hell we do with our everyday!

We started the month of with a bang with birthdays for each boy, one on the 4th, the other on the 11th. I am now the proud momma of a 10 going on 18yr old and 6 regressing to 4yr old. I attribute the regression to middle child syndrome and pray that this too shall pass. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

One of Carter’s good friends is born the day after he is so we went together for their parties this year and took the boys and a couple of friends to Saskatoon for supper and a Rush game. The Rush are a lacrosse team that just moved into the city from Edmonton, and we heard the games were a pretty good time… Needless to say, “pretty good time” is a colossal understatement. It was one of the best sporting events I’ve been to, the energy level in the arena is INSANE and the music, so much music throughout the whole thing! We go to a playoff game at the end of May and I can’t wait. I have a feeling that Carter may want to play it in the future, so I’ll have to bookmark the StringKing website to make sure I get all the equipment needed. This photo is a small indication of how crazy and energetic it is there! No idea whose kid that is.


I really slacked on the photo taking at their parties, I guess I was too in the moment to think of it, which is not a bad thing at all! Carter cleaned house with Canadian memorabilia and managed to get enough moola to set aside for a new bike he has his eye set on.

Tucker was a bit put out that he couldn’t come to the Rush game with the big boys but he felt better when he invited all his friends to the local bowling alley for some cake, bowling and mini golfing! He requested a Minecraft cake and then proceeded to show me a 30 minute YouTube video of one being made out of 1″ chocolate cubes in different colours. It was a full on 3D replica of an actual scenario and I almost choked on my water when I saw it. I can be an ambitious cake maker, but this? No. Sorry kid, find another mom. But I know how much he loves the game – to the point where he’ll probably want to have his own server on somewhere like GGServers in the not too distant future – so I persevered and came up with a compromise. I ended up making a ‘cheater’ cake instead and cut squares out of cake, rice krispie cake and jello. Some stacking and lots of icing and it was good to go! Oh and we went with toxic water instead of regular water as we could not for the life of us find blue Jello anywhere in town!

April 3 April2

Ok, lets talk Pie Face. If you do not own this game YOU NEED TO. It’s hilarious and fun. Tuck received it and it was such a blast. MASSIVE mess, but blast none the less! You can find it Pie Face Game” target=”_blank”>HERE.


We celebrated what felt like 100 more birthdays throughout the month all for friends and various family members. If you are considering having a child, try not to plan to give birth in April, the month is too saturated. Be unique, have a February baby or August. October’s good too!

Football has started up for Carter and is a nice change from weekends at the rink. They’ve been practicing and learning new skills at the Fieldhouse and move outdoors next week as the weather has been crazy beautiful lately. Tuck wanted to play ball this spring again so we signed him up for Rookie Ball and it’s due to start this week as well. The busy-ness of our lives will resume as the norm.

This past weekend Carter was chosen to attend a football camp hosted by Don Narcisse a retired CFL player who played for the Roughriders. Such an amazing opportunity for him and he had such a great time! There were a numerous ex-players and current players from the Roughriders running the drills and they had an autograph session with them midway through the day. The first thing he said when it was over was “They really worked us hard mom!” Aaaaaand he was sleeping before we hit the edge of the parking lot!

April01 April02April03

With the sun out, bike season is upon us & this kid couldn’t be happier!

Until next month, love your everyday!

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