Thanks for Keeping me Sharp! Teacher Printable

It’s almost here…IT’S ALMOST HERE! The end of school year countdown is officially in single digits now. Tucker is on his second last day of school and Carter only has 5 days to go. Summer holidays are so close, I can taste them. Literally. I’m chowing down on watermelon as I type this and there is seriously nothing that tastes more like summer than watermelon.

Are you in a panic yet for a teacher gift? Or were you on the ball this year and have everything ready to go? I’m usually a last minute, pick up a bottle of wine & a card as I run to the school before the final bell rings, kind of mom.  Hasn’t failed me yet! Ha!

Thanks For Keeping Me Sharp Teacher Printable

If you have 5 minutes to spare, this gift is easy enough to whip up! Cacti thrive when you ignore them, and who doesn’t love low maintenance? With so many varieties to choose from, finding a unique cactus won’t be hard. I shared the “Thanks for keeping me Sharp” printable over on Yellow Bliss Road last month, so head on over there for full instructions and for you free printable download.  Your kids teacher will be sure to love it!

Thanks For Keeping Me Sharp Teacher Printable Thanks For Keeping Me Sharp Teacher Printable

Happy almost summer vacay!

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